Painted Glassware

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 10"x10"x36"


  • Glass cylinders: 4” diameter x 14" tall, one; 3-1/2"x10-1/2", two; 3-1/2"x9", one; 1-3/4"x7-1/2", two
  • FloraCraft Design It: Silks & Natural Green Desert Foam Mug Plus, 2-5/8"x3-3/4", four
  • White glittered branches, 36" length, two
  • FloraCraft Twinklets Diamond Dust


  • FloraCraft Design It: Wire Cutter
  • Design Master Sprays: TintIT Multi-Use Transparent Dye in Chartreuse, Jade, Sapphire; ColorTool Flat White Spray Color; Mess Master Spray Solvent (optional)
  • Aleene’s Max Tacky Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • large cardboard spraying box, paper plate, paper towels
  • 1. In well-ventilated area, lightly spray all cylinders with two light coats of white paint. Let dry.
  • 2. Plan and select two cylinders per color. Lightly spray each cylinder with two light coats of chosen dye, allowing as much mottling as desired. (Note: Fewer coats will allow more transparency, creating mottled effect. More coats will result in smoother, more opaque color.) Let dry.
  • 3. Pour thick layer of Diamond Dust onto paper plate. Apply adhesive to rim of one cylinder by running nozzle along top edge. Turn cylinder over and gently press rim into dust; remove. Set upright to dry. Repeat with other cylinders.
  • 4. Insert mug plugs in four largest cylinders. (Note: If desired, mug plugs may be set with adhesive.) Using wire cutter, separate each branch unit into four pieces, ideally one tall and three shorter lengths. Insert branches into mug plug. Arrange cylinders as shown.
  • Tip
  • 1. If unsatisfied with color application to glass cylinder, use Mess Master to remove the tint and re-spray as desired.