Jungle Babies Boards

By  Linda Hollander 

size: 10"x12"

  • Giraffee Board
  • Lion Board
  • Tiger Board


  • JB Wood Products MDF Photo Frame with 5”x7” Hardboard Insert, three
  • DecoArt Americana Polka Dot Accent Stencil, 5”x7”
  • Self-adhesive cork sheets
  • Photo hangers, three


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Arbor Green, Butterscotch, Cocoa, Milk Chocolate, Sand, Sea Glass, Soft Black, Spicy Mustard, Terra Coral, Warm White
  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon Paintbrushes: Series 7000C #2; Series 7350C Liner 10/0; 7400C Angular Shader 1/4”, 3/8”; 7300C Shader #6; 7550C Glaze/Wash #1; Series 272 Dome Round, Small; Series 7020 Ultra Round #3;
  • DecoArt Americana: Artistic Multi-Purpose Sealer; Clear Chalkboard Coating; Satin Sealer

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, ruler, sandpaper, pencil and tracing paper, stencil brush, graphite paper, painter’s tape, hand sanitizer

Pattern - Jungle Babies Boards

  • 1. Remove inserts from frame and set aside. Seal plaques with Multi-Purpose Sealer. When dry, sand lightly.
  • 2. Basecoat both sides of each frame (3:1) mixture of Sea Glass + Warm White until opaque. Let dry several hours or overnight to cure.
  • 3. Stencil Polka Dot Accents with sheer Sea Glass onto frame fronts. Let dry. Use ruler and pencil to mark 1/4" borders 1/2" from outer edges of frames. Tape off vertical borders and apply thin coat of Multi-Purpose Sealer using shader. Let dry. Repeat with several coats of Butterscotch until opaque. Remove tape and let dry. Tape off horizontal borders and repeat paint steps.
  • 4. Print out full-size patterns. Transfer basic outlines of animals onto frames. (Do not transfer details at this time.)
  • 5. Basecoat giraffe's body Spicy Mustard; let dry. Transfer remaining details from pattern onto giraffe's body. Float shading with sheer Milk Chocolate. Basecoat horns Milk Chocolate and float Spicy Mustard highlights. Basecoat inner ears Sand and float sheer Terra Coral. Float highlights on ears and snout with (1:1) mixture of Spicy Mustard + Sand. Outline outer ears thinned Milk Chocolate using liner. Drybrush (1:1) mixture of Spicy Mustard + Sand to highlight forehead and neck. Use same brush to add Sand highlights to same areas. Float nostrils Milk Chocolate and lightly drybrush Terra Coral on cheeks. Paint spots with thinned Milk Chocolate. Outline spots Milk Chocolate using liner. Basecoat eyes Soft Black. Use tip of liner and Sand to add tiny highlights. Paint mane Cocoa using #2 shader. Float shading on mane next to neck with sheer Milk Chocolate.
  • 6. Basecoat lion's body and tail Spicy Mustard with touch of Cocoa; let dry. Transfer remaining details from pattern onto lion's body. Float shading to face, body, and tail using sheer Milk Chocolate. Float highlights on top of cheeks and top of back paws with Spicy Mustard. Drybrush Spicy Mustard on forehead and down centers of nose bridge, cheeks, front legs, and front paws. Basecoat nose Milk Chocolate. Float shading Soft Black and highlight Cocoa. Float shading on ears with sheer Milk Chocolate. When dry, float sheer Terra Coral over top. Paint mane and end of tail thinned Milk Chocolate using #2 shader. Use Spicy Mustard to stroke over top layer of mane and tail for highlights. Float shading on mane next to face using sheer Milk Chocolate. Lightly drybrush cheeks Terra Coral. Use liner and thinned Milk Chocolate to paint mouth and whiskers.
  • 7. Basecoat tiger's light areas of body and face with Sand; let dry. Transfer remaining details from pattern onto tiger's body. Drybrush highlights with Bleached Sand. Basecoat orange fur areas Butterscotch. Float shading Milk Chocolate and highlights Spicy Mustard. Drybrush highlight on hind legs and on center of nose and forehead with Spicy Mustard. Enhance highlight by drybrushing center of highlighted areas and top of tail with (1:1) mixture of Spicy Mustard + Sand. Paint stripes Soft Black with liner. Drybrush highlights Sand with #2 round. Basecoat nose Milk Chocolate. Float shading with Soft Black and highlights with Cocoa. Lightly drybrush cheeks Terra Coral and touch of Bleached Sand. Paint mouth and whiskers thinned Milk Chocolate using liner.
  • 8. Tape off inside corners of border near bottom of frame to protect it while painting grass. Dampen ultra round and load with Sea Glass. Load tip with touch of Arbor Green. Stroke once or twice on palette to blend slightly, then stroke leaves on frame. Reload paint as needed. Remove tape while paint is still wet. When leaves are dry, float shading on leaf groups with Arbor Green.
  • 9. Basecoat frame insert Milk Chocolate until opaque. Apply two thin coats of Chalkboard Coating.
  • 10. Use pencil to trace around frame insert on cork sheet. Cut out cork shape. Peel off backing and apply cork to insert. Repeat with last insert.
  • 11. Erase graphite lines. Spray frames (but not inserts) with sealer. Attach picture hangers to backside of each frame. Replace inserts into frames.
  • Tip
  • 1. Dried paint mistakes can be erased with a bit of hand sanitizer on edge of shader.
  • 2. Use appropriate-sized brushes to basecoat background areas. Use water to thin paint as needed where sheer paint is called for. To drybrush, load dome round with moderate amount of paint and offload most of paint onto a dry paper towel. Use circular motion to apply paint to surface.