Happy Snowman Painted Snowflake

By  Chris Haughey  for  Cupboard Distributing

size: 12"x12"

  • Happy Snowman Painted Snowflake
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  • Cupboard Distributing: Wood Flurry Snowflake, 12”; Assorted Wooden Snowflakes, nine; Canvas Paper
  • Sawtooth hanger


  • Stampendous: Vintage Uppercase Cling Stamp; Perfectly Clear Stamp Block
  • Stamper’s Anonymous Grunge Flakes Cling Stamp Set
  • Black ink pad
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Pansy Lavender, Payne’s Grey, Persimmon, Prussian Blue, Salem Blue, Sapphire, Snow White, Watermelon Slice, Whispering Turquoise
  • Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon Paintbrushes: Series 7400 Angle 1/2”, Series 7050 Script Liner 18/0, Series 7350 Liner #1, Series 7430 Flora Round #6, Scumbler #4
  • DecoArt Americana: Matte Spray Varnish, Crystal Glamour Dust, Multi-Purpose Sealer, Modeling Paste, StarLite Varnish
  • DecoArt Media Matte Medium
  • DecoArt Black Glass Paint Marker
  • Cupboard Distributing: Specialty Sponge Set, Double Ended Stylus
  • Aleene’s Fast Grab Tacky Glue

Basic Supplies

  • old or promo gift card, tracing and transfer paper, palette knife, palette paper, paper towels, scissors

Pattern - Happy Snowman Painted Snowflake

  • 1. Sand wood smooth and wipe clean. Seal wood with Multi-Purpose Sealer using large specialty sponge; let dry and lightly sand. Basecoat surface Salem Blue using large specialty sponge. Print full-size pattern. Trace pattern onto tracing paper. Lightly transfer main patterns using transfer paper and stylus.
  • 2. For background, squeeze Sapphire onto palette paper. Slide bottom edge of old gift card through paint to create "roll" of paint on card edge. Keep credit card perpendicular to base and pull paint across horizontally resulting in striated sections. Continue reloading and applying so that Salem Blue is still visible. Repeat with Pansy Lavender, filling in open areas. (Note: The paint does not need to be dry before adding more layers.) Repeat with Whispering Turquoise to brighten any areas that may have become too solid.
  • 3. Load toe of angle with Snow White. Keeping toe at horizon, pull across to separate foreground from sky. Repeat across ground toward bottom of snowflake, creating layers or snow drifts. Let dry. Load Prussian Blue on edge of large specialty sponge. Keep sponge flat on surface with paint toward outer edge. Use tiny circular motions to darken outer edge.
  • 4. Basecoat snowmen and scarf Whispering Turquoise. Shade bottom and right side of snowman's body, scarf, and head Sapphire Blue using toe of angle. Darken shading with angle and Payne's Grey. Highlight and brighten top and left side of snowman's body, scarf, and head Snow White using toe of angle. Paint arms and buttons Payne's Grey using liner. Paint stripes on scarf and mouth Payne's Grey using script liner. Add tiny Snow White dot on top left of each button.
  • 5. Load liner with Persimmon and paint carrot nose. Load scumbler with Watermelon Slice and remove excess on paper towel for cheeks. Gently brush on cheek area until desired intensity is achieved. Add three tiny Snow White dots on each cheek using stylus. Load script liner with Snow White to paint snow on tip of nose, top edges of stick arms, and highlight line across top left of scarf.
  • 6. Stamp edges of base with Grunge Flakes Cling Stamp Set. Attach large cling snowflake onto Clear Stamp Block and coat stamp Salem Blue using small specialty sponge. Randomly repeat stamp around outer edge of base. Alternate snowflake designs. Stamp small cling snowflake using Snow White randomly over previous snowflakes so they overlap.
  • 7. Basecoat surface of canvas paper Whispering Turquoise with small specialty sponge. Let dry. Attach letters to acrylic handle, ink with black ink, and press to imprint; let dry. Cut each letter into rectangle. Coat area behind letters and back side of letters with matte medium using specialty sponge. Position letters on base and topcoat with another layer of matte medium. Paint Pansy Lavender around outer edge of each letter rectangle using liner. When dry, use Black Glass Marker to outline rectangles and border.

    Photo 1

    Photo 2
  • 8. Load flora round with thinned Snow White. Tap brush onto handle of another brush to spatter paint. Spatter snow heavier around edges; let dry. Deepen shading around outer edge of snowflake base using small specialty sponge and Payne's Grey.
  • 9. Spray surface with several light coats of Matte Spray Sealer allowing appropriate drying time between coats. Attach small snowflake stamp to acrylic handle. Coat stamp with StarLite Varnish and stamp over white snowflakes. Immediately sprinkle with Crystal Glamour Dust. Repeat randomly around outer edge. Create (1:1) mixture of Snow White and Modeling Paste. Apply texture around base of snowman with palette knife. Sprinkle Glamour Dust while still wet.
  • 10. Basecoat assorted snowflakes Snow White. Topcoat with StarLite Varnish and immediately coat with Glamour Dust. Brush excess Glamour Dust from surface and assorted snowflakes. Arrange snowflakes and secure with adhesive. Attach sawtooth hanger to back of plaque with adhesive for hanging.
  • Tip
  • 1. Paint must be thinned with water to an inky consistency to create spattering. Always test spatter before spattering onto your surface to ensure perfect results.