Asian Canvases

By  Tammie Wilson  for  Delta Technical Coatings, Inc.

size: 18"x36"


  • Canvases with finished edges, 12”x18”, three
  • Stencils*: Disposable Peel & Stick: Circle; Dragonfly; Geometric: Circle; Stencil Mania: Asian Symbols; Asian Elements


  • Paints*: Ceramcoat Acrylic: Lt. Victorian Teal; Med. Victorian Teal; Lt. Timberline Green; Dusty Purple; Magnolia White; 14k Metallic Gold; Texture Magic Dimensional: White; Almond
  • Ceramcoat Faux Finish Glaze Base*: Clear
  • Stencil Magic Stencil Brushes* (one per color), 1/4”
  • Texture Magic Easy-Grip Spreaders*
  • Sea wool sponge, 3”-4”
  • Flat soft bristle brush, 1”
  • Painter’s tape, 3/4”
  • *Products by Delta Technical Coatings, Inc.
  • 1. Use flat brush to basecoat canvases Lt. Victorian Teal.
  • 2. On palette, pour large puddle of the following: Lt. Victorian Teal; Med. Victorian Teal; Magnolia White. Mix each puddle with equal parts Faux Finish Glaze Base. Place canvases on work surface as they will appear on wall. Working one canvas at a time, use slightly dampened sea sponge to pounce Lt. Victorian mix over entire canvas. Dip sponge into Magnolia White mix, and add highlight to center area, blending out towards edges. Dip sponge into Med. Victorian Teal; pounce edges, blending towards center. Add color around outside edges.
  • 3. Tape large circle stencil to center canvas. Use round spreader to generously apply White and Almond Texture Magic™ to circle, blending colors slightly. Remove stencil and let dry. Repeat with medium circle stencil on outer canvases.
  • 4. Use stencil brushes to lightly stencil bamboo or cherry blossoms on lanterns, using Med. Victorian Teal, Lt. Timberline Green, and Dusty Purple. Clean brushes.
  • 5. Use flat brush to apply wide shade of same color to right side of each lantern and smaller one to left side, using photo as guide.
  • 6. For lantern's cast shadow, position appropriate-size circle stencil back over a lantern, lift, and move 1/4" down and to right of lantern; stencil Med. Victorian Teal.
  • 7. Lightly stencil Asian symbols 14K Metallic Gold.
  • 8. For dragonfly halos, apply small disposable circle stencils to canvases; stencil 14k Metallic Gold either within or around outside of circle. Center dragonfly stencil in circle center; stencil body Lt. Timberline Green and wings Med. Victorian Teal with Dusty Purple tips.
  • 9. Tape off lantern cords. Use pointed spreader to generously apply White and Almond Texture Magic. Remove tape and let dry.