Lady Liberty Apron

By  Gloria Uhler  for  Testors Corp.

size: adult

  • Lady Liberty Apron
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  • White cotton apron
  • Cardstock or posterboard


  • Testors Aztek Airbrush System and Airbushable Opaque Acrylic Paints: Red, Green, Blue
  • Gold dimensional fabric paint
  • Computer with printer
  • Repositionable spray adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • white paper and pencil, painter’s tape, yardstick or ruler, scissors, iron, pressing cloth, and surface, craft knife
  • 1. Tape two 11" cardstock pages together to measure 22". Draw curved line on cardstock. Draw matching line 2" below original line to make template. Tilt template; draw straight intersecting vertical and horizontal lines in center. Duplicate template to make three copies.

    Photo 1
  • 2. Iron crease vertically down center of apron. Align piece of paper with top of apron; trace across top and angled sides onto paper. Position wave pattern 4-1/4" from top left edge of apron, so wave's vertical line is parallel to apron crease. Trace top and bottom of wave onto paper.

    Photo 2

    Photo 3
  • 3. Draw slanted line on paper from top right corner of apron to wave. Use paper to create cardstock template for top of apron. Transfer slanted line and apron top line to template. Cut away 2" section to right of slanted line; set piece aside.

    Photo 4

    Photo 5

    Photo 6
  • 4. Apply adhesive to back of template and on all waves. Align template with apron top. Number wave patterns; position #1 wave as shown.

    Photo 7
  • 5. Protect all areas not being painted with paper. Fill airbrush cup with Opaque Red. In another cup, mix small amount of Opaque Green with Opaque Red to darken. Airbrush cutaway area Opaque Red. Add shadows to right of highest part of curve with dark red for dimension.

    Photo 8
  • 6. Position wave #2 and #3 patterns below #1 pattern. Remove #2; airbrush area Opaque Red, adding dark red shading to both left and right of highest curve. Continue airbrushing red waves by moving patterns down apron front and protecting areas not being painted.

    Photo 9

    Photo 10
  • 7. Apply adhesive on one side of new cardstock sheet. Cut irregular-shaped stars out of cardstock using scissors or craft knife.

    Photo 11
  • 8. Apply adhesive to cutaway section from Step 3. Cut away small piece on end. Apply adhesive; position on apron front. Replace #1 wave pattern to first position. Arrange stars in open space above wave; press to adhere. Mix small amount of Opaque Red with Opaque Blue creating navy. Airbrush uncovered area navy.

    Photo 12

    Photo 13
  • 9. Use Word or similar computer program to print "USA" onto cardstock for pocket stencils. Adjust size to best fit apron. Use craft knife to cut out inside area of each letter creating stencil. Arrange stencils on apron. Airbrush "USA" navy.

    Photo 14
  • 10. Use computer and internet to search Google Images for "Lady Liberty Silhouette." Enlarge photo and print onto cardstock over two sheets. Tape sheets together and cut out inside area of silhouette using craft knife.

    Photo 15
  • 11. Spray adhesive on back of silhouette stencil; adhere to apron center. Airbrush navy.

    Photo 16
  • 12. Trace outline of torch flame using gold paint, inset slightly from navy edges. Fill in with gold paint. Let apron set 24 hours.

    Photo 17
  • 13. Cover painted area of apron with pressing cloth. With iron set on cotton setting and no steam, apply heat across apron surface for one to two minutes, avoiding gold flame area.