Tulip Melt Art Baskets

By  Vickie Kammerer 

size: 4"x4"

  • Tulip Melt Art Baskets


  • Wooden tulip-shaped basket
  • Melt Art Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE)*
  • Tissue wrap
  • Paper tulip place markers or tags
  • Paper shred


  • Melt Art: Melting Pot with Spatula*, Winged Mosaic Texture Tread*, Pink Tourmaline Heat It Ink*
  • Perfect Pearls Pigment: Perfect Copper, Berry Twist*
  • Tim Holtz Picked Raspberry Distress Stains and Paint*
  • Spray sealer
  • Glue stick
  • * Products available from Ranger

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, craft blade or knife, heat tool, non-stick craft sheet, paintbrush or sponge brush, paper towels
  • 1. Paint inside and outside of basket Picked Raspberry; let dry completely. Rub tissue wrap with Distress stain; dry with heat tool. Set aside.
  • 2. Place melting pot onto non-stick craft sheet; fill with Ultra Thick Embossing Enamel (UTEE). Set dial for UTEE; let melt. Squirt few drops of Heat It Ink into melted UTEE, mix completely with spatula. Holding basket by handle, lay sideways and dip entire side into UTEE, covering completely. Lift basket up quickly, letting excess UTEE drip onto craft sheet. Immediately lay basket onto craft sheet and press desired section of texture tread down onto entire basket side. Hold for one minute or until UTEE is set firm. Peel texture tread off basket and trim any excess UTEE from basket while still warm and pliable. UTEE should be only on face of basket. Repeat for other side of basket.
  • 3. Measure and cut tissue wrap to fit inside of basket, wrapping around sides and meeting at center of bottom. Adhere in place using glue stick.
  • 4. Rub Perfect Pearls over raised/embossed areas of UTEE to highlight. Apply light coats of sealer. Fill basket with paper shred, paper, on tulip place marker and insert in basket.
  • Tip
  • 1. Leftover UTEE can be scraped off sheet and placed back into pot for re-melting. You can also pour remainder onto craft sheet and when hardened, peel off to store in a zip-lock bag for future use.