Stenciled Stepping Stones

for  Craft Marketing Connections, Inc.

size: 16"x16"

  • Stenciled Stepping Stones
  • Bird with Letter A Stone
  • Floral Stone


  • Gray flexible rubber patio pavers, 16”x16"


  • Tulip Textile Stencils: Paisley Look (32344), Bird with Branch (32335), Block Monogram (32355), Modern Flower (32456)
  • Design Master ColorTool Spray Color: Robin’s Egg, Hyacinth, Olive Bright; Mess Master Spray Solvent; Matte Clear Finish
  • Tulip Stencil Spray Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • paper towels, painter's tape
  • 1. Position stencil(s) on paver to plan design. When finished, spray stencil back with spray adhesive following manufacturer's instructions. Set stencil on paver; press to secure. Use painter's tape to mask off any area not to be painted. (Note: If stencil must be repositioned, lightly respray with adhesive to ensure adhesion.)
  • 2. Position spray color directly in front of stencil. Apply color in three light coats. Remove stencil when application is complete. To apply multiple designs to same paver, let first color dry before placing next stencil or painter's tape onto painted surface. When complete, let dry overnight.
  • 3. Apply several coats of clear finish to pavers; let dry thoroughly.
  • Tip
  • 1. The surface of trendy rubber pavers has high and low areas that require spraying color straight on, or overspray will creep under the stencil. Wipe away overspray or stencil bleed with a paper towel sprayed with Mess Master, ideally right after spraying before paint has cured.