Chalkboard Birthday Décor

By  Tiffany Johnson  for  Faber-Castell

Create a fun and trendy chalkboard birthday sign using some new Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® products.

  • Chalkboard Birthday Décor


  • Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Texture Cards
  • Wooden box frame


  • Faber-Castell® Design Memory Craft® Tools: Perfection Eraser Pencil; Gum Eraser; Palette Knife from Gelatos® Tool Set; PITT™ Pastel Pencils: White, Alizarin Crimson, Orange Glaze, Light Yellow Glaze, Cobalt Green; Gesso; Chalkboard Paint; Texture Luxe™ Gold; Collapsible Water Cup
  • Hazel & Ruby Stencil-Masks: Blindeside Alpha, Chalkboard Art Alpha
  • Smudge stump
  • Craft knife

Basic Supplies

  • cardboard, foam brush, paintbrush
  • 1. Prime inside of wooden box frame with coat of Gesso. Let dry.
  • 2. Add two coats of Chalkboard Paint to inside of box including inner walls; let paint dry between coats.
  • 3. Apply Hazel & Ruby Stencil-Mask words, leaving space in middle for cake. Trace around letters with White PITT® Pastel Pencil.
  • 4. Cut three rectangular shapes from cardboard with craft knife for cake stencil (or use pre-made stencil).
  • 5. Remove Stencil-Mask words and color with PITT® Pastel Pencils, using Perfection Eraser Pencil and gum eraser to fix mistakes. Blend with smudge stump.
  • 6. Run Texture Luxe™ Gold through the three-tiered cake stencil with palette knife.
  • 7. Add texture to each layer with texture cards. Let dry.
  • 8. Draw candles on top with PITT® Pastel Pencils.
  • 9. Paint Texture Luxe™ Gold on rest of frame with foam brush. Let dry.
  • Tip
  • 1. Before adding Hazel & Ruby Stencil-Mask words, mark center at top and bottom with small pencil markings. Paint will cover these up!
  • 2. Use fine paintbrush and chalkboard paint to cover Texture Luxe™ Gold mistakes.