Resin Ribbon Candy Tray

By  Hilary Stephens 

size: 11"x16"

  • Resin Ribbon Candy Tray


  • Wooden tray, 11”x16”


  • Acrylic paints: metallic gold, forest green
  • Jacquard Products Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment: Brilliant Gold, Spring Green, Red Russet, Magenta
  • ETI Envirotex Lite Pour-On Finish, 16 oz.

Basic Supplies

  • heat tool, painter’s tape, sandpaper and soft cloth, craft sticks, stylus, foam brush, disposable gloves, small plastic cups, plastic bag or tablecloth, paper towels
  • 1. Sand surface of tray. Wipe dust with soft cloth.
  • 2. Basecoat inside and top edges of tray with two coats of metallic gold. Basecoat outside edges of tray with two coats of forest green. Let dry. Apply two horizontal strips 1/2" apart of painter's tape on outside edge of tray. Paint 1/2" area metallic gold. Carefully remove tape and let dry.
  • 3. Apply painter's tape along top edge of tray. Cover work surface with plastic and put on disposable gloves. Follow manufacturer's instructions to mix 6 oz. of resin. Pour 2 oz. of resin into tray and spread with craft stick. Divide remaining resin into four small 1 oz. cups. Add 1/8 tsp. of pigment powders into each cup and blend until completely mixed.
  • 4. Pour strips of alternating colored resin from edge to edge across width of tray. Cover entire base of tray with colored resin. Let sit for an hour to thicken.
  • 5. Wearing gloves, use stylus to draw straight and wavy lines in resin across short width of tray. Let colors flow together. Begin each line at opposing tray sides to create ribbon candy effect. Clean resin from stylus after each line using paper towels. Do not move tray; let cure in place for 8 hours. Remove painter's tape.
  • 6. Position tray right side up above covered work surface on four small cups. Mix 6 oz. of resin. Pour resin into tray and generously spread to inner and outer walls of tray using foam brush. Let set for 30 minutes. Pop air bubbles in resin using heat tool. Scrape drips from tray using craft stick during first hour of curing. Let tray cure for few days before using.