Snowman Pillowcase

By  Mary Ayres 

size: fits standard pillow


  • Cotton fabrics: print: light blue, 7/8 yd.; bright blue, 1/4 yd.; solid scraps: white; black; orange; light blue
  • Blue/white check ribbon, 7/8”, 1 yd.
  • Embroidery floss: bright blue; white; black
  • Tulip Soft Brushable Fabric Paint: Opal Glitter (Duncan)


  • Paintbrush
  • Needles: sewing; embroidery
  • Sewing machine and blue sewing thread
  • Iron-on adhesive
  • Iron and pressing board

Project Instructions

Pattern - Snowman Pillowcase

  • 1. Cut 28-1/2"x40-1/2" light blue and 8-1/2"x40-1/2" bright blue rectangles. Sew bright blue rectangle to one long side of light blue rectangle, 1/4" from edges, forming 36-1/2"x40-1/2" rectangle.
  • 2. Fold rectangle in half, forming a 20-1/4"x36-1/2" rectangle with right side facing in. Sew 1/4" from raw edges, leaving bright blue side open. Machine sew zigzag stitch along raw edges of seam to prevent fabric from fraying. Turn right side out.
  • 3. Fold 4-1/4" of blue rectangle toward inside of pillowcase. Turn raw edge of blue rectangle under 1/4". Hand sew turned edge of blue fabric to stitching that joins light blue and bright blue rectangles.
  • 4. Print and cut out patterns. Cut materials as indicated. Cut pieces from iron-on adhesive slightly larger than snowman head, nose, eyes, and cheeks. Follow manufacturer's instructions to fuse pieces to wrong side of solid fabrics. Cut snowman pieces from fused fabrics, cutting cheek on right side along dashed lines. Remove backing.
  • 5. Use pattern and photo as guide to fuse snowman pieces to pillowcase. Brush opal glitter on cheeks.
  • 6. Transfer mouth. Use bright blue floss to blanket stitch around appliquéd shapes. Use white floss to make French knots in eyes, wrapping floss around needle four times for each knot. Use black floss to stem stitch mouth.
  • 7. Tie ribbon bow; trim ends. Use safety pin to attach bow center to head. Remove bow or turn pillowcase over for sleeping.