Santa & Friends Gift Tin

By  Lydia Hays 

size: 2-1/2"x2-1/2"x4"


  • Recycled coffee mix tin


  • Paintbrushes: 3/4” flat; 1/4” and 1/2” angular; #2 round; 10/0 liner; small scruffy
  • Stylus
  • Masking tape
  • Americana Acrylic Paints: Black Green; Black Plum; Burnt Orange; Buttermilk; Camel; Celery Green; Evergreen; Flesh Tone; Lamp Black; Lt. Avocado; Lt. Buttermilk; Lt. Cinnamon; Lt. French Blue; Rookwood Red; Russet; Sable Brown; Shading Flesh; Toffee; Uniform Blue (DecoArt)
  • FolkArt Glass & Tile Medium (Plaid Enterprises)
  • Ceramcoat Perfect Highlight Red (Delta Creative)
  • Matte-finish spray sealer

Pattern - Santa & Friends Gift Tin

  • 1. Tape off top and bottom tin rims. Apply glass medium to tin; let dry. Basecoat tin Lt. French Blue; shade Uniform Blue. Print and cut out pattern. Transfer pattern to tin.
  • 2. Paint reindeer Sable Brown; shade Lt. Cinnamon and highlight Buttermilk. Paint nose and dry brush cheeks Rookwood Red. Paint antlers Toffee. Paint collar Lt. Avocado; shade Evergreen and highlight Celery Green. Dot jingle bells on collar Camel; paint bell details and mouth using liner and Lamp Black.
  • 3. Paint Santa's face Flesh Tone, beard Buttermilk, and mustache Lt. Buttermilk. Shade face Shading Flesh and beard Toffee; highlight beard Lt. Buttermilk. Paint hat and coat, and dry brush cheeks, Rookwood Red; paint lines on coat using liner and Black Plum. Shade hat and coat Black Plum; highlight hat and coat, shoulders and left side of buttons, Perfect Highlight Red. Paint hat cuff and collar Toffee; use stylus to dot hat Toffee. Shade hat cuff and collar Sable Brown; highlight Lt. Buttermilk. Use liner and Sable Brown to paint hash marks on cuff and collar. Paint mittens Evergreen; shade Black Green and highlight Lt. Avocado.
  • 4. Paint snowman Buttermilk; shade Toffee and highlight Lt. Buttermilk. Paint scarf Lt. Avocado; shade Evergreen and highlight Celery Green. Paint wiggly lines on scarf using liner, and dry brush cheeks, Rookwood Red. Paint earmuffs Shading Flesh; shade Rookwood Red. Highlight earmuffs with tiny dots of Flesh Tone. Use liner and Lamp Black to paint earmuff details and mouth. Paint nose Burnt Orange; shade Russet.
  • 5. For each friend, use stylus to dot eyes Lamp Black; dot Santa's buttons Lamp Black and nose Flesh Tone. Highlight all eyes and cheeks with tiny dots of Lt. Buttermilk; dot snowflakes Lt. Buttermilk. Let dry completely. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply spray sealer; let dry.