Painted Poinsettia Box

By  Linda Hollander 

size: 9-1/2" diameter

  • Painted Poinsettia Box
  • Fig. 1-3


  • Round papier-mâché box, 9-1/2” diameter


  • Royal & Langnickel Aqualon Paintbrushes: Series 2150 Shader #4, 12; Series 2160 Angular 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”; Series 2250 Round #1, 3; Series 2595 Liner 10/0; Fusion Series R3150 Shader, #4, 8; Series R3250 Round #3; Series R900 Camel Hair Mop, 1/2”, 1”
  • Plaid FolkArt Acrylic Colors: Bayberry, Boardwalk Blue, Heartland Blue, Heather, Licorice, Midnight, Sterling Blue, Thicket, Thunder Blue, Winter White, Wicker White; Metallics Silver Anniversary; Artists’ Pigments Hauser Green Medium and Prussian Blue; Matte Aerosol Lacquer; Glazing Medium
  • DecoArt Payne’s Grey Americana Acrylic Paint
  • Gesso

Basic Supplies

  • graphite paper, sponge, sandpaper, tracing paper, stylus, painter’s tape, compass, white chalk pencil, spatter tool or old toothbrush

Pattern - Painted Poinsettia Box

  • 1. Note: Use appropriate-sized shaders and rounds to basecoat, angular shaders to float color, Fusion brushes to drybrush, and liner to add details.
  • 2. Apply gesso to inside and outside of box. Basecoat box bottom Wicker White and lid Thunder Blue.
  • 3. Print out pattern. Make tracing of pattern. Lightly transfer outlines of large leaves to lid. Omit small leaves, buds, and veins.
  • 4. Float Payne's Grey shading on background behind design; mop to soften.
  • 5. Basecoat dark leaves Sterling Blue. Transfer veins. Float shading mixture of Heartland Blue + touch of Midnight. (Note: When floating shading on leaves, first float along both sides of center vein. When dry, float along one side of each smaller vein.)
  • 6. Drybrush dark leaf highlights Sterling Blue + touch of Boardwalk Blue. Load dry brush with paint; offload tip lightly on paper towel. Holding brush at lower, more parallel angle to surface, drybrush highlights from outside edges. Feather paint lightly over shaded areas. Repeat to build stronger highlights.
  • 7. Basecoat mid-value leaves (1:1) mixture of Boardwalk Blue + Sterling Blue. Transfer veins. Float shading Sterling Blue. Drybrush highlights between veins Boardwalk Blue + touch of Sterling Blue. Strengthen highlights with touches of Boardwalk Blue. Drybrush touches of Heather randomly.
  • 8. Basecoat lightest leaves Boardwalk Blue. Transfer veins. Float shading (1:1) mixture of Sterling Blue + Boardwalk Blue. See Figure 1. Drybrush highlights Winter White between veins. See Figure 2. Drybrush touches of Heather randomly. Float touches of Bayberry along edges randomly. See Figure 3.

    Fig. 1-3
  • 9. Transfer smallest leaves near design center. Basecoat Boardwalk Blue. Float shading (1:1) mixture of Sterling Blue + Boardwalk Blue. Float highlights Winter White. Drybrush touches of Heather randomly. Float cast shadows under small petals Midnight.
  • 10. Paint stems and center veins on all leaves Thicket using liner. Drybrush over top of mid-value and light leaves Hauser Green Medium using dirty brush. Drybrush highlights on veins on lightest leaves mixture of Hauser Green Medium + touch of Bayberry.
  • 11. Basecoat buds Thicket. Drybrush highlights Hauser Medium Green using dirty brush. Highlight touch of Bayberry.
  • 12. Thin Wicker White to consistency of heavy cream using water. Load spatter tool and spatter lid.
  • 13. Mark border on lid top 3/8" from edge using compass and chalk pencil. Using photo as guide, paint comma strokes Silver Anniversary end to end using liner brush. Add dip-dot accents using stylus or end of paintbrush handle.
  • 14. Mask off 1-1/2" stripes around box bottom using painter's tape. Basecoat stripes Boardwalk Blue using damp sponge. Remove tape immediately. Clean sponge and blot out water. Stipple lightly over stripes with (1:2) mixture of Winter White + Glazing Medium using sponge. Paint long straight comma strokes to right of each stripe Silver Anniversary using liner. Add dip-dot accents using stylus or end of paintbrush handle.
  • 15. Spray painted surfaces with several light coats of lacquer. Let dry thoroughly before closing box.