Noah's Ark Fruzzle

By  Mary Ayres 

size: 8-1/2"x11"

  • Noah's Ark Fruzzle


  • Noah’s Ark Fruzzle frame
  • Patterned papers, two different sheets
  • Woodies: ovals, four: 7/8”, 2”; circles, 3/8”; rectangles, 1”x2”, two; heart, 1”
  • Wooden dowel, 1/8”, 2-1/2” length
  • Americana Acrylic Paints: Snow White; Soft Black; Lemon Yellow; Marigold; Baby Pink; Peony Pink; Limeade; Sour Apple; Baby Blue; Country Blue; Slate Grey; Mink Tan; Sable Brown.
  • Check ribbon: orange/white, 1/4”; pink/white, 1/4”; lavender/white, 5/8”


  • Rhonna Farrer clear stamps: Big Swirls
  • Ink pads: black; blue
  • American Painter paintbrushes: Wash, Series 4550, 3/4”; Shader, Series 4300, #4, #8; Liner, Series 4350, #1; Flat, Series FAB, #6F, #8F
  • Masking tape, 1”
  • Circle template
  • Electric drill with 1/8” bit
  • 1. Use straight edge and pencil to draw lines across ark for bottom of green roof and top of yellow area. Leaving ark assembled and painting only top surface of puzzle pieces only, paint roof Limeade, middle area Baby Blue, and bottom Lemon Yellow.
  • 2. Use circle template to shade roof details, placing a 1" circle along center bottom of roof. Dry brush bottom half of circle with Sour Apple. Repeat, dry brushing half circles 1" apart across bottom of roof. Continue dry brushing a row of half circles above first row, centering half circles between bottom circles. Dry brush outside edges of roof with Sour Apple.
  • 3. Dry brush side edges of blue area Country Blue.
  • 4. Apply 1"-wide masking tape to shape boards on yellow area of boat with Marigold, placing tape above top edge, then moving it down 1" for each board. Place tape pieces vertically on some boards and dry brush with Marigold to separate boards on a row. Paint two dots at the end of each board with Slate Grey for nails. Use liner and Soft Black to paint a half circle under each dot.
  • 5. For bunnies, paint two large ovals and four small ovals Snow White for body and ears. Dry brush bunny pieces Slate Grey. Paint eye dots on body with Soft Black and dot nose Baby Pink. Glue ears to top back of head. Tie orange ribbon bows and glue to bunnies.
  • 6. For bears, paint two large ovals and four circles with Mink Tan for body and ears. Dry brush bear pieces Sable Brown. Paint eye and nose dots on bear body Soft Black. Glue ears to top back of head. Tie pink ribbon bows and glue to bears.
  • 7. Paint heart Baby Pink; shade Peony Pink. Use black ink to stamp swirl design.
  • 8. Cut 1"x2" rectangles from blue check paper and glue to front of rectangles. Glue bunnies and bears to backs of rectangles.
  • 9. Follow manufacturer's instructions to place photos inside frame. Glue wooden shapes to frame as shown. Use blue ink to stamp large swirls on bottom sides of ark.
  • 10. For flag, use computer or black marker to print "All Aboard!" on remaining blue check paper; trim to flag shape. Use dry sponge to ink edges blue. Tie lavender ribbon around top of dowel. Glue flag to dowel under ribbon. Drill angled hole in center top of ark, approximately 1/4" deep. Glue dowel end inside hole.