Stencilled Floorcloth

By  Tammie Wilson 

Offer inspiration to others through your everyday décor. Accent your home with this beautiful painted floorcloth to give subtle encouragement daily.


  • Recycled linoleum or floorcloth
  • Ceramcoat: Acrylic Paints: Bamboo; Maple Sugar Tan; Latte (two bottles); Black; Gesso
  • Exterior/Interior Satin Varnish


  • Stencils: Delta Elegant Fleur de Lis, 4” calligraphy alphabet
  • Stencil Brushes
  • Foam roller
  • Sea wool sponge
  • Low-tack tape, 1”
  • Utility knife and metal ruler
  • Size
  • 1. Size is 24"x36".
  • Floorcloth
  • 1. Use metal ruler and utility knife to cut linoleum to measure 24"x36" or desired size.
  • 2. Use foam roller to apply generous coat of gesso to back of linoleum. Let dry and wash roller.
  • 3. Use foam roller to apply generous coat of Latte over gesso. Let dry and wash roller.
  • 4. Pour one paint color onto separate foam plates. Slightly thin paints with water.
  • 5. Use slightly dampened sea wool sponge to pounce floorcloth with thinned Latte. Working wet into wet, add touches of Bamboo and Maple Sugar Tan, blending colors for a soft mottled look. Continue working across floor cloth until it is completely covered. Let dry thoroughly.
  • 6. Measure 10" up from bottom edge of floorcloth, mark and place tape across entire floorcloth length. Lightly mark center point at 18" with pencil.
  • 7. Line center of "E" with center mark; tape in place. Use 3/8" stencil brush to stencil "E" Black. (Note: To stencil, dip brush into paint, tap excess off on paper towel, then pounce over open stencil areas.) Stencil remaining letters in same way.
  • 8. Stencil scrollwork from Elegant Fleur de Lis design Black.
  • 9. Mask off 2"-wide border around floorcloth. Use foam roller to paint border with two coats Black.
  • 10. Use foam roller to apply three coats of varnish. Wash floorcloth with warm and soapy water as needed. For added durability, apply fresh coat of varnish periodically.
  • Tip
  • 1. Use stenciling technique on other surfaces, such as table runners, wall hangings, and furniture.