Freezin' Hugs Snowmen Box

By  Sue Beckerton 


  • Wooden box, 0”x0”
  • Champaign Gold*


  • Americana Acrylic Paints*: Bittersweet Chocolate; Black Green; Black Plum; Blue Chiffon; Blue Mist; Deep Midnight Blue; Espresso; Foliage Green; Forest Green; Golden Straw; Heritage Brick; Lamp Black; Light French Blue; Light Mocha; Mississippi Mud; Red Iron Oxide; Tuscan Red; Warm Neutral; Warm White
  • All-Purpose Sealer*
  • Interior/Exterior Varnish*
  • Glamour Dust*
  • Flocking (Donjer)
  • Robert Simmons Expressions paintbrushes (Daler-Rowney): Flat Shader, Series E60, #4, #10, #14; Flat Wash Glaze, Series E55, 3/4”; Liner, Series E51, 10/0, #1; Oval Mop, Series E52, 1/4”, 1/2”; Pointed Round, Series E85, #1; Chisel Blender, Series E60s, #8; Simply Simmons Filbert, Series 255067, #10
  • Wet palette
  • Fine sanding sponges
  • Style stix, XL

Pattern - Freezin' Hugs Snowmen Box

  • 1. Sand box; wipe dust. Apply sealer. Sand and wipe dust again. Basecoat bottom Deep Midnight Blue and lid Light French Blue. Print and cut out pattern. Transfer basic design.
  • 2. Float top of sky in Deep Midnight Blue. Highlight horizon, just above snow line in Blue Chiffon. Paint the following:
  • Pine Tree
  • 1. Load very little Black Green on both sides of #10 filbert and bring to a sharp chisel. Hold brush at an angle, not straight up, so arches of filbert show. Line center trunk with chisel edge of brush. Start just below trunk marking and pounce a couple coats working from top down, making it solid in center, and airy on outer edges. When pouncing on branches, use little pressure. Pick up a bit of Blue Mist with dirty brush, and highlight tops of branches, without overdoing it, and save your darks. Wash out brush and add an extra highlight with just Blue Mist and then, finally with Warm White. Remember, the brighter you get, the less you use. Base star Golden Straw. Float left side with Red Iron Oxide and highlight right side Light Mocha.
  • Snowmen
  • 1. Basecoat both Light Mocha, his hat and coat Mississippi Mud, cuffs Warm Neutral, scarf and mitts Red Iron Oxide, and then again with Tuscan Red, her poncho and hat Forest Green, arms Espresso, all buttons Lamp Black, red gift first Red Iron Oxide and again with Tuscan Red, her poncho and hat Forest Green. (Note: Do not transfer the candy cane yet.)
  • 2. Details: Float all snowman areas Espresso, darken with a second coat. Float a third time with Deep Midnight Blue, only on outer edges, under coats, and on sides of faces. Over these areas, float a back glow of Warm White. Add all facial details with Bittersweet Chocolate, and nose Red Iron Oxide. Add a tiny dot of gloss in eyes with Warm White. Dry brush cheeks Heritage Brick. Highlight buttons with float of Light French Blue. Highlight her arms with brush mix of Espresso and Warm Neutral.
  • 3. Float his jacket and hat with Bittersweet Chocolate, and dry brush highlights with Warm Neutral. Add buttons with Espresso using a liner. Add pinstripes on scarf with Warm Neutral and crosswise with Espresso. Float shades with Black Plum. Add fringes with Heritage Brick and Tuscan Red. Lightly stipple on hat brim and pompom, using a deerfoot, and Warm White, leaving some of Light French Blue showing through. Float bottom of this with Deep Midnight Blue.
  • 4. Transfer candy cane and basecoat Warm White. Add pinstripes with Tuscan Red and Forest Green. Float left side with Black Plum and highlight right side using liner and Warm White.
  • 5. Snow lady: Add pinstripes on poncho and hat with Heritage Brick, and crosswise with Foliage Green. Float with Black Green. Add a button in Champaign Gold. Stipple on the brim, same as snowman.
  • Gifts
  • 1. For red box, add ribbon in Champaign Gold and fl oat in Black Plum. Stroke on bow using 10/0 liner and same gold. For green gift, add details with Foliage Green and float with Black Green. Stroke bow in same way as above.
  • Snow
  • 1. Smear on snow, using dry #6 filbert and very little Warm White on tip. Apply several thin layers working from tops downwards, letting paint fade as you go. Add dots of snow all over sky using a stylus and Warm White.
  • Lower Box Section
  • 1. Line twigs with brush mix of Espresso and Warm Neutral, using #1 liner. Use M Style Stix to dot in berries in Tuscan Red. Float a C-stroke on each berry with Black Plum and highlight with Warm White. Randomly add dots of Warm White. Add stroke on leaves in Forest Green, using #6 filbert.
  • 2. Apply 2-3 coats of varnish. Using small brush apply another coat on tree and snow area only; sprinkle with Glamour Dust. For inside of box, follow manufacturer's instructions to apply flocking.
  • Note
  • 1. All dry brushing is done with the chisel blender, wiping most of it off on dry paper towel, and gently rub the area until desired look is achieved.
  • Painting Tips
  • 1. Use #10, #14 or 3/4" flat to do most floats. Soften floats by gently pouncing the mop brush over to water's edge, working until almost dry.
  • 2. Use 10/0 or 18/0 liner for all line work, and always thin paint to ink consistency and fully load liner. Always "blot" off tip on paper towel to help "sharpen" tip to nice pointed end.