Moroccan Bangles

By  Niki Meiners 

size: adult


  • Wooden bracelet
  • Acrylic paints: brown; green; mustard
  • Rub ‘n Buff: Bronze (AMACO)
  • Rub-ons: Bollywood (Frances Meyer); Lyon (Prima Marketing)


  • Clear Coat (Delta Creative)
  • Liquid Laminate paintbrush, Series 730B (Arnold Grumbacher)
  • Gold Bracelet
  • 1. Basecoat bracelet mustard. Let dry. Apply bronze Rub ‘n Buff.
  • 2. Apply rubons. Use paintbrush to apply three coats of Clear Coat to bracelet, letting dry between coats.
  • Green Bracelet
  • 1. Basecoat bracelet green. Let dry.
  • 2. Repeat Step 2 from Gold Bracelet.