Merry Christmas Reindeer Ornament

By  Loretta Mateik 

size: 3-5/8"

  • Merry Christmas Reindeer Ornament


  • Wooden items: Woodsies (Forster): heart (face), 1-3/4”; teardrops (ears), 7/8” long, two; circle, 1/8” thick, 3”; button plug (nose), 5/8”; snowflake, 1/8” thick, 3”
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Lamp Black; Terra Cotta; Titanium White; Hauser Dk. Green; Burnt Umber; Toffee
  • Ribbon or wire for hanger


  • Aqualon paintbrushes (Royal & Langnickel): Glaze/Wash, Series 2700, 1/2”, 1”; Angular Shader, Series 2160, 3/8”, 1/2”; Script Liner, Series 2585, 10/0; Round, Series 2250, #2
  • Stylus
  • Scroll saw
  • Drill with 1/16” bit

Pattern - Merry Christmas Reindeer Ornament

  • 1. For antlers, use Fig. 1 as guide to cut wooden snowflake. Drill 1/16" hole in 3" circle as indicated on pattern. Sand edges; wipe dust. Print and cut out patterns. Transfer details as needed.
  • 2. Basecoat: circle Hauser Dk. Green; face and ears Terra Cotta; nose Lamp Black; antlers Burnt Umber.
  • 3. Shade ear markings on ears and lightly around outer edge of face with Burnt Umber.
  • 4. Dot eyes, paint checks, and line eyebrows with Lamp Black.
  • 5. Add highlight dots to eyes, highlight nose, and paint snowflakes and lettering Titanium White.
  • 6. Highlight top edges of antlers with Toffee.
  • 7. Glue antlers to circle, ears and face to antlers and circle, and nose to face. Apply sealer. Create wire or ribbon hanger.