Blooming Flowerpots

By  Barbara Greve 

size: 4" and 6" tall

  • Blooming Flowerpots
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  • Clay pots: 4” tall; 6” tall
  • Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints (Delta Creative): Bubble Gum; Fuchsia; Denim Blue; Blue Danube; White
  • Amy Butler Belle Collection (K&Company): Double-sided Paper Pad; Felt Stickers; Fabric Brads; Ribbon
  • Splash Felt Shapes (Fancy Pants Design)
  • Fuchsia felt, 1”x11”, two
  • Blue rick rack, 1/4”, 22” length


  • Sobo Glue (Delta Creative)
  • Drill with 1/8” glass and tile bit
  • 1. Paint inside of 4" pot mix of Bubble Gum + White (2:1), and outside Denim Blue. Paint inside of 6" pot Blue Danube and outside Fuchsia.
  • 2. To cover pots, create pattern by placing tracing paper around pot, then trim under rim and along bottom. Make sure paper fits smoothly around pot and cut a straight line up side where paper joins together. Trace pattern onto decorative paper; cut out. Glue papers around corresponding pots.
  • 3. For 4" pot handle, pin blue rick rack along sides between two felt strips; sew. Pierce small hole through handle ends, centered and 1/2" up from end and also in center. Drill holes centered and on opposite sides of rim for handle. Attach fabric brad through middle handle hole. Adhere three felt stickers evenly spaced to front and two to back.
  • 4. Cut ribbon to fit around 6" pot rim. Use fabric brad to attach felt flower to ribbon center. Glue ribbon around pot rim with flower centered in front.
  • More
  • 1. Place a bag of homemade cookies or candies inside pots for a creative gift idea!
  • 2. Decorate smaller clay pots for coordinating tea or garden party favors.