Basket of Pansies

By  Lin Wellford 

size: 12"

  • Basket of Pansies


  • Cement round stepping stone, 12”
  • Patio Paint Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Terra Cotta (or Pinecone Brown); Pine Green; Daisy Cream; Woodland Brown; Fern Green; Petunia Purple; Sunshine Yellow; Cloud White; Summer Sky Blue; Pansy Purple


  • Paintbrushes (Loew-Cornell): Filbert, Series 791, #4; Liner, Series 7050, #1; utility brush
  • STYROFOAM sheet, 1/4” thick
  • White charcoal pencil
  • White and black transfer paper
  • Rubber cement

Pattern - Basket of Pansies
Pattern - Fig. 1

  • Preparation
  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. For stamp bases, cut shapes from STYROFOAM sheet. Transfer patterns and cut leaf shape and four pansy petals from STYROFOAM sheet. Use rubber cement to adhere pansy petals to round base, leaving narrow spaces for clearly defined petals, and leaf to remaining base. Let dry.
  • 2. Divide stone in half vertically. Mark point 4-1/2" up from center at bottom. Divide stone in two horizontally and mark those points on either side. Curve a line from those points down to meet at center point. At either side, move in 1/2" from edge and draw curved handle base. Around both sides of stone, draw an inverted "v" where handle splits in two where it meets basket.
  • Basket Weave
  • 1. Along curved basket edge, use white charcoal pencil to draw border of slanted ovals with tops overlapping slightly onto green background. Skip around leaves.
  • 2. Mark center of basket with vertical line. Evenly divide spaces at either side with parallel lines. Divide spaces to either side of those lines for a total of seven lines. Begin a row of crescent-shaped bands just below basket border centered along first drawn vertical line. Seven bands should fit, with three more along narrow bottom edge of stone.
  • 3. On either side of center row, drop down slightly and make two more adjoining sets of bands with tapered ends tucked into spaces between center set of bands. Alternate two more rows on either side until front of stone is filled. On narrow sides below handles, begin a single set that tapers to a point (Fig. 1).
  • 4. Use filbert to paint border of ovals along top Daisy Cream, then begin painting crescentshaped bands of weaving on front, sides and bottom. In space between curved bands, paint a small oval that does not touch either band. Use liner and Daisy Cream to give basket handle edge a narrow outline, and "v" shape where handle splits.
  • 5. Use filbert to underline lower edge of each basket weave and to darken around center ovals between bands with Woodland Brown. Use same color to shade around lower half of each border oval along top. Let dry.
  • 6. Use water-thinned Woodland Brown to create shadows down along lines where basket weaves meet for added dimension.
  • Flowers
  • 1. For purple flowers, apply Petunia Purple generously to petals on stamp, then press firmly onto stone. Exact placement is not important, but use pattern as guide and tilt stamp to vary angles, and slightly overlap some leaves. Stamp uppermost flower to it is half on front side of stone and half on top side. Clean stamp.
  • 2. For lt. yellow flowers, mix Sunshine Yellow and Cloud White (2:1); stamp three yellow flowers, letting upper flower span edge of stone onto handle. Clean stamp.
  • 3. For lt. blue flowers, mix equal parts Summer Sky Blue, Petunia Purple and Cloud White; stamp three remaining flowers, then use filbert to fill in spaces on petals so only narrow lines separate them.
  • 4. Turn filbert brush sideways to give purple flowers "aprons" and "eyebrows" with Cloud White, feathering the edges. Repeat with Pansy Purple on yellow flowers. When dry, add dark centers that feather out into white areas on purple flowers. Use slightly water-thinned Pansy Purple to add soft ridges to petal edges, and to paint soft shadows along bottom edge of upper petal on yellow flowers. Mix white into purple for lighter shade; outline around edges of purple petals, highlight between ridges, and lighten uppermost petals.
  • 5. To detail blue flowers, use water-thinned Summer Sky Blue to paint ridges in lower and middle petals, and to shadow lower edge of top petals. Mix in white and highlight around edge and between ridges of all blue petals.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use liner and Pine Green to paint centerline and veins on leaves. Use filbert to add Pine Green shadows where flowers overlap or touch leaf or stem. Add small, elongated yellow ovals to flower centers. Add shadows below flowers where they overlap basket. Use Pansy Purple to outline all flowers where they overlap basket or handle, and touch up any areas that need refining or definition.