Stylish Wine Decanter

By  Lisa Bychowski 

size: 9" tall


  • Cylinder-shaped clay pot or wine decanter, 9” tall
  • FolkArt Artist’s Pigments*: Fresh Foliage; Pure Orange; Turner’s Yellow; Yellow Citron
  • FolkArt Artist’s Varnish*: Matte


  • Simply Stencil and Stamp Kit*: Squares
  • Simply Stamps*: Burst
  • FolkArt One Stroke Brushes*: Flat, 3/4”; Script Liner, #1
  • *Products by Plaid Enterprises, Inc.
  • 1. Basecoat pot Yellow Citron.
  • 2. Remove large square stamp from kit. Use Fresh Foliage to stamp four large squares on pot. Use liner to touch up opaque shapes.
  • 3. Remove small square stamp from set. Use Turner's Yellow to stamp four small squares. Use liner to touch up squares in same way as Step 2.
  • 4. Use Pure Orange to stamp four Bursts. Touch up bursts if needed.
  • 5. Apply varnish.
  • Note
  • 1. Use photo as stamping guide throughout.