Father's Day Fishing Gift Bucket

By  Suzie Shinseki  for  Duncan Enterprises

size: 8" tall


  • Metal bucket, 8” tall
  • Assorted blue and green tissue papers
  • White cardstock, 4”x5”
  • Fish designs of choice
  • Optional: Brown decorative paper
  • Tulip*: 3-D Fashion Paint: Slick True Red; Soft Matte Fabric Paint: Chocolate; Ebony
  • Wooden dowel, 1/8”, 10” long
  • Green string
  • Photo(s)
  • Candy


  • Aleene’s Crafting Adhesives*: Fast Grab Tacky Glue; Instant Découpage Sealer & Finish
  • Flat paintbrush, 1”
  • Black fine-tip permanent pen
  • Masking tape
  • *Products by Duncan Enterprises

Pattern - Father's Day Fishing Gift Bucket

  • 1. Wash and dry bucket.
  • 2. Tear irregular strips and pieces from tissue papers.
  • 3. Tape bucket handle in upright position. Working in small areas at a time, use brush to apply decoupage medium around bucket base; adhere dark blue tissue to medium. Apply découpage medium over tissue, slightly wrinkling tissue with brush for texture. Découpage medium, light blue, and light green strips to bucket in same way. Let dry.
  • 4. Cut out fish images. (Note: Reduce or enlarge images on color photocopier to fit.) Glue images to bucket.
  • 5. Glue photo(s) to bucket as desired. Print and cut out pattern. Cut boat from brown decorative paper.
  • 6. Brush wavy lines of découpage medium around bucket up to images. Lay string down and brush additional découpage medium on top. Continue making wavy lines across to simulate waves. Let dry.
  • 7. Transfer lettering to bucket; trace with True Red. Let dry.
  • 8. Apply découpage medium to entire bucket. Let dry.
  • 9. Paint dowel Ebony and handle Chocolate. Let dry.
  • 10. Cut out fish image; trace onto cardstock and cut out. Glue one string end between fish and cardstock. Découpage blue tissue to cardstock side. Let dry. Draw gills, tail lines, and eye. Tie remaining string end to pole.
  • 11. Place remaining tissue inside bucket and fill as desired.