Cherry Blossom Vase

By  Lisa Bychowski 

size: 9" tall


  • Cylinder-shaped clay pot or wine decanter, 9” tall
  • FolkArt Paints*: Artist’s Pigment: Aqua; Acrylic Colors: Christmas Red; Winter White
  • FolkArt Artist’s Varnish*: Matte


  • Stamp Décor Signature Series*: Jumbo Chintz Daisy Cluster
  • Small Chinese character rubber stamp
  • FolkArt One Stroke Brushes*: Flat, 3/4”; Script Liner, #1
  • Cotton-tip swabs
  • *Products by Plaid Enterprises, Inc.
  • 1. Basecoat outside of pot Aqua and inside (including rim) Christmas Red.
  • 2. Use Christmas Red to Stamp Daisy Chintz on pot front. Repeat for a total of two images. Use liner to touch up red flowers.
  • 3. Dip paintbrush handle into Winter White; dot flower centers. Use liner to paint Winter White lines coming from flower centers. Apply small Winter White dots around flower centers.
  • 4. Use liner to paint Winter White flower stems.
  • 5. For flower buds, dip cotton-tip swab in Christmas Red; randomly dot along stems.
  • 6. Use small amount of Winter White to stamp Chinese character onto pot three times.
  • 7. Apply varnish.