Snowman Popcorn Box

By  Kim Christmas 

  • Snowman Popcorn Box


  • Wooden Popcorn Box (#BX122 Coyote Woodworks)
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Antique White; Traditional Burnt Umber; Rookwood Red; Bleached Sand; Napa Red; Plantation Pine; Avocado Dip; Cool White; Butter; True Ochre; Antique Mauve; Lamp Black
  • Glass glitter
  • Craft Twinkles Crystal (DecoArt)


  • Aqualon paintbrushes (Royal & Langnickel): Wash, Series 2700, 3/4”; Shaders, Series 2150, #4, #8, #12; Angulars, Series 2160, 1/8”; 3/8”, 1/2”; Liner, Series 2595, #1; Script, Series 2585, #0; Filbert, Series 2170, #2; Short Sable Round, Series L5005, #4
  • Paint applicators (Royal & Langnickel): Sea Wool Sponge; Double Stylus; Small Spoolie; Foam Brush, 1”
  • Multi-Purpose Sealer (DecoArt)
  • 150-Grit sandpaper

Pattern - Snowman Popcorn Box

  • 1. Use foam brush to apply light, even coat of sealer to outside of box and lid. Let dry. Use wash brush to basecoat pieces Antique White. Let dry. Lightly sand and wipe dust. Base again in same color, except paint top and side edges of lid Bleached Sand, using #12 flat shader and bottom section of box same color with wash brush.
  • 2. Using clean, moist, but not drippy sea wool sponge, lightly sponge Antique White sections of box and lit with Traditional Burnt Umber. Let dry.
  • 3. Print and cut out pattern. Use small end of stylus and graphite paper to lightly apply basic pattern lines.
  • 4. For lid, use #4 flat shader to paint every other check along top side edges Rookwood Red. Use 1/2" angular to shade around entire top of lid with Traditional Burnt Umber. When dry, deepen shading if needed. Paint double plaid design on top of lid with script liner and inky consistency Plantation Pine. Paint a single plaid pattern beside green with Inky consistency Napa Red, and centered plaid pattern every two blocks with inky consistency True Ochre.
  • 5. For fir boughs, use script liner to lightly paint in S-shaped bough pattern with inky consistency Traditional Burnt Umber. Paint two additional boughs to each S-stroke for fir boughs. Fir needles are paint on added bought with #1 liner and slightly thinned Plantation Pine. Start each stroke at base of bough, flicking outward, and follow up to tip of each bough, then down other side. Highlight with strokes of slightly thinned Avocado Dip. Add frost with strokes of thinned Cool White.
  • 6. For popcorn strings, pint them in boughs, snow angel's trims and hair and trees. Use #2 filbert to paint popcorn shapes Butter. Without cleaning, tip brush into True Ochre and paint a stroke on top part of each popcorn piece. Use large end of stylus to dot a string of Napa Red cranberries between each popcorn piece, joining them together.
  • 7. For checks, use #12 flat shader to paint every other check Rookwood Red. Shade above checked section and on every side edge of box using 1/2" angular shader and Traditional Burnt Umber.
  • 8. For snowlady and popcorn, use #8 flat shader to paint snowlady Bleached Sand. Paint bowl using #4 flat shader and True Ochre. Paint popcorn in bowl Butter. Use #2 filbert to pounce in True Ochre, then Cool White on top of popcorn. Shade snowlady down left side and separating body sections using 1/2" angular and antique White, then a final shade lightly with Traditional Burnt Umber. Also shade under bowl area and bowl, using same color and 3/8" angular. Use #4 short sable round to lightly dry brush cheeks Antique Mauve. Paint eyes and mouth using #1 liner and slightly thinned Lamp Black. Highlight mouth with tiny strokes of Cool White. Paint nose and hair using #1 liner and slightly thinned Traditional Burnt Umber; highlight with thin strokes of Antique White. Use 1/8" angular to shade under mouth, beside nose and above eyelids with Antique White. Use script liner and thinned Traditional Burnt Umber to paint arms; highlight with strokes of Antique White. Popcorn bowl has a plaid pattern painted on it using #1 liner and inky consistency Plantation Pine, then Napa Red. Let dry and dry brush highlight with #4 short sable round and Cool White. Use stylus to dot Cool White along top rim of bow. Paint fir bough garlands around each body section using same method mentioned above. Paint a popcorn, cranberry string in her hair. Popcorn falling around snow angel is painted using #4 flat shader and Butter. Use 3/8" angular to float True Ochre along bottom puffed edge of each popcorn piece. Use 1/4" angular to shade bottom tri-puffed edges. Use 3/8" angular to shade lightly under each popcorn piece with Traditional Burnt Umber. Randomly dot Cool White around snow angle and popcorn using large end of stylus.
  • 9. For trees, use #2 filbert and Bleached Sand to paint tree trunks. Switch to script liner to paint branches, from tree trunk out. Paint strokes of slightly thinned Traditional Burnt Umber along side of each trunk and along underside of each branch to shade. Lighten slightly with strokes of thinned Antique White. Use #2 filbert to float in snowy ground cover with slightly thinned Cool White. Use same method as mentioned above to paint in popcorn cranberry string through branches. Use #2 filbert to lightly pounce in randomly falling flakes with inky consistency white paint.
  • 10. Paint fir boughs along top edges of box and above bottom checked border, all the way around box. Paint lid knob with #12 flat shader and Rookwood Red. Spatter paint box and lid with spoolie brush and Traditional Burnt Umber, then Cool White. Use large end of stylus to randomly dot Cool White through fir boughs. Let dry and apply 2 to 3 light, even coats of sealer. Use #2 filbert to lightly pounce in Crystal Twinkles over tree branches, falling popcorn and in popcorn bowl, in popcorn strings and fir boughs. While still wet, sprinkle with glass glitter.