Snowman Doormat

By  Annie Lang 

While adding charm to your outdoor winter décor, this easy-to-paint snowman will greet your guests with a great big smile!

  • Snowman Doormat
  • Closeup View


  • Black doormat, 18”x24”
  • DecoArt Patio Paints Outdoor Acrylic Paints: Hydrangea Blue, Petunia Purple, Fuchsia, Cloud White, Wrought Iron Black


  • Round scrubber paintbrushes: sizes #0, #4, #6
  • Posterboard, 18”x24”

Basic Supplies

  • scissors

Pattern - Snowman Doormat

  • 1. For stencil, print and cut out pattern. Fold poster board in half. Trace patterns onto poster board; cut out.
  • 2. For snowman, center stencil on mat, aligning bottom edges. Use #6 to stencil snowman edges using Hydrangea Blue. Use circular scrubbing motion to force paint into grooves in mat. Remove template.
  • 3. Cut out hat cuff section of template. Fit inside snowman outline. Use #4 to stencil upper and lower edges Wrought Iron Black. Paint hat sections Hydrangea Blue. While still wet, highlight Cloud White. Paint pom-pom Petunia Purple; highlight Cloud White. Paint nose and cheeks Fuchsia. Use #0 to paint eyes and smile Wrought Iron Black.
  • 4. For border, position snowflake stencil as desired. Use #4 to stencil edges Hydrangea Blue. Use #4 and #6 to paint snowflakes Cloud White. Paint Fuchsia and Petunia Purple dots around snowflakes and hat as desired.