QC: Birdhouses with Character

By  Clare Miers 

  • Birdhouses with Character
  • Closeup View of Steeple Top
  • Closeup View of Bird & Door Knob
  • Closeup View of White Door Knob


  • Old or new birdhouses
  • Old house parts for your birdhouse, ex: door knobs, finials
  • Decorative wood trims
  • Milk-paint or a faux finish
  • Old rusted tin


  • Water-resistant epoxy or construction glue
  • 1. Recycling is eco friendly, so why not be green when it comes to birdhouse building, too? Give your feathered friends a little taste of the green life by revamping old or new birdhouses with a few old things. Find a simple and inexpensive birdhouse from a craft or garden store.
  • 2. Look around your house and garage for old items with unique features. Also hit garage sales, flea markets and salvage yards for house parts to make your birdhouse even more special. Add simple finials to the top of a birdhouse steeple. Look for old sink hardware to glue on or doorknob plates to mimic a door or entryway.
  • 3. Glue crystal knobs on with very strong water-resistant epoxy or construction glue. Add old door knobs around the entry hole to the birdhouse for a stunning perch. Look for other elements that can transform the face of an otherwise ordinary birdhouse. Special decorative wood trims make wonderful accents to the lines of a simple birdhouse. If you can't find old trim, purchase thin wood trim or molding from a home improvement store, then use milk-paint or a faux finish to weather it. Old rusted tin that once lined a ceiling treatment in an old building makes a stylish birdhouse roof.
  • 4. Sit back and enjoy watching the nest building knowing you enjoyed a little nest-construction yourself.