Peace, Love & Joy Sled Ornaments

By  Debby Forshey-Choma 

size: 4" tall

  • Peace, Love & Joy Sled Ornaments


  • Wooden Sleds (#1952) (, 1-3/4”x4”
  • Americana Acrylic Paints (DecoArt): Black Plum; Burnt Sienna; Cool Neutral; Country Red; Dark Chocolate; Marigold; Medium Hauser Green; Payne’s Grey; Plantation Pine; Raw Sienna; Sable Brown; Soft Black
  • Dazzling Metallics Paint (DecoArt): Glorious Gold
  • Gold ribbon, 1/8”-wide, 18” length


  • Paintbrushes (Royal Brush): Debby’s Texture: Series 1360, Small, Medium; Majestic: Square Shaders, Series 4150, #2, #4, #6; Angular, Series 4160, 5/8”; Filberts, Series 4170, #2, #4; Liner, Series 4585, 10/0; Glaze Wash, Series 4700, 1/2”
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Clear Stamps (EK Success): Small Christmas Phrases (M230801)
  • Acrylic Clear Choice Stamping Block (Royal Brush)
  • Fluid Chalk Ink Pad (Clearsnap): Lipstick Red
  • Americana Matte Spray (DecoArt)
  • Sandpaper

Pattern - Peace, Love & Joy Sled Ornaments

  • 1. Use glaze wash brush to basecoat seats Cool Neutral and runners Country Red. Lightly sand and wipe dust. When dry, print and cut out patterns. Transfer designs to sleds.
  • 2. For green background, work on one sled at a time. Lightly pre-dampen surface area around line drawing with clean water. Use medium texture brush and Plantation Pin to lightly dance in background filler, using photo as guide. (Note: To use texture brush, dampen bristles with water to separate bristles. Tap bristles into paint on palette, hold it perpendicular to palette, pounce it up and down to remove some paint, keeping paint sparse on brush. Use this brush on whole foot or just the toe.) Tap lightly on surface, dance with brush up and down, rolling brush in different direction in between your fingers when it is up in the air. Allow some drying time between dances so paint sets up and to avoid a muddy look. Repeat for remaining two sleds.
  • 3. Use appropriate size shaders and filberts to basecoat: holly leaves Plantation Pine; holly berries Country Red; pinecone Dark Chocolate; acorn cap mix of two parts Raw Sienna with one part Dark Chocolate; acorn nut mix of equal parts Raw Sienna with Marigold.
  • 4. For acorn, corner-load angle with Burnt Sienna; float shading across top of nut. Corner-load angle with Marigold; float a highlight along bottom edge. Corner-load angle with Dark Chocolate; float a shade across top edge of cap. Corner-load angle with Marigold; float a highlight along bottom edge, where it meets the nut. For added texture, float C-strokes with Soft Black here and there on cap. Use 10/0 liner and Soft Black to pull a stem at top of acorn.
  • 5. For pinecone petals, float C-strokes, corner-load angle with Sable Brown, with floats flowing toward back of pinecone. When dry, float a shade of Soft Black across back of pinecone.
  • 6. For holly berries, corner-load angle with Black Plum; float shading along back edge of each berry. Corner-load with Cool Neutral; float highlighting along front edge of top berry. With 10/0 liner and Cool Neutral, place a highlight dot in top right of each berry.
  • 7. For holly leaves, corner-load angle with Payne's Grey; float shading along back edges of each leaf. Corner-load with Medium Hauser Green; float highlight along front edges of each leaf. Corner-load angle with Payne's Grey; float center vein of each leaf on a slight curve to maintain the life in each leaf.
  • 8. For background filler, use small texture brush and Plantation Pine to touch up or fill in any holes.
  • 9. For gold outlining, use 10/0 liner and thinned Glorious Gold to loosely and randomly outline parts of design, using photo as guide.
  • 10. For lettering, use Lipstick Red ink to stamp different phrase on each sled. Let dry.
  • 11. Lightly apply Matte Spray over design area. Let dry, then repeat. Spray runner and back of sled. Let dry.
  • 12. For hangers, cut three 6" lengths from ribbon. Thread ribbon through sled handles and knot ends.