Festive Pen-touch Doodled Ornaments

By  Maureen Wilson  for  Sakura of America

Turn inexpensive glass ornaments into something unique using Pen-touch Markers and acrylic paint. Personalize ornaments with the recipient's name or pair simple designs with bright paint for a real "WOW" factor. The paint-like Pen-touch is easy to use and gives rich opaque results.

  • Festive Pen-touch Doodled Ornaments
  • Closeup View
  • View of Yellow Ornament
  • View of Pink Ornament


  • Clear glass ornaments


  • Sakura Pen-touch Black Paint Marker
  • Acrylic paint
  • Empty egg carton (optional)

Basic Supplies

  • plastic straw, toothpick, scrap paper
  • 1. Remove hanger/cover from top of ornament.
  • 2. Pour small amount of paint into ornament, taking care not to get any on outside of ornament. (Note: Depending on size of paint bottle spout and ornament opening, it may be helpful to use a plastic straw as a funnel. An empty egg carton works great to hold ornaments as you work.)
  • 3. Roll ornament to distribute paint as desired along inside areas.
  • 4. Use plastic straw or toothpick to pop any air bubbles.
  • 5. Replace the hanger/cover on top of ornament.
  • 6. Sketch doodles on scrap paper to determine desired design.
  • 7. Using sketch as guide, decorate outside of ornament using Pen-touch Paint Markers. (Note: The permanent, opaque ink gives a glossy finish that writes beautifully on glass. Regular permanent markers will not give the same opaque results as this valve action paint marker.)
  • 8. Personalize ornaments with your favorite pattern, year, or names of family members. Journal favorite memories and add new ones each Christmas.
  • Tips
  • 1. For this project, cheaper acrylic paint is better. Less expensive brands are thinner and spread more easily.
  • 2. Clear glass ornaments can be found almost anywhere during the holidays, including most dollar stores.
  • Video
  • 1. Visit for a video on this fun project.