Vintage Pear Wall Décor

By  Karen Embry  for  courtesy of Plaid Enterprises, Inc.

  • Vintage Pear Wall Décor


  • Plaid FolkArt “HD” High Definition Visual Texture: Raw Sienna, Sunflower, Wicker White, Yellow Citron, Yellow Light
  • Brushes: Plaid FolkArt One Stroke: Flat, #1189, 1-1/2”; Flat, #1058, #12
  • Plaid FolkArt HD Flow Medium; FolkArt HD, Visual Texture Paint and Palette Knife Set; Laser Cut Stencil (#28499)
  • Large screw eyes, two
  • Ribbon in choice of color, 1-1/2”-wide, 18”
  • Beaded ribbon trim in choice of color, 12” length
  • Brass Corners, 9/16”x1-1/4”, four
  • Thick smooth brown cardboard, 12” square
  • Fredrix Creative Canvas: 8” square, 12” square

Pattern - Vintage Pear Wall Décor

  • Preparation
  • 1. Cut a 5"x6-1/2" rectangle from cardboard. Print out patterns; transfer pear and leaves onto remaining cardboard piece. Use scissors or utility knife to cut out shapes.
  • 2. For 12" canvas, cardboard rectangle, pear, and leaves squeeze paint from bottle onto surfaces. Use longer pointed palette knife to spread paint onto surfaces covering entire top and side edges; do not spread paint flat, but rather leave a rough textured finish. Use Wicker White for 12" canvas, Sunflower for cardboard rectangle, Yellow Lt. for pear, and Yellow Citron for leaves. Set each aside to dry overnight.
  • 3. For 8" canvas, mix Yellow Citron with a little Flow Medium; use 1-1/2" flat to base mix onto entire canvas including side edges. Dip tip of dirty brush into a little Raw Sienna; lightly brush and blend into corners of canvas. Set aside and allow to dry overnight.
  • 12" Square Canvas
  • 1. Use 1-1/2" flat and equal mix of Raw Sienna + Flow Medium to lightly brush corners; repeat one or two more times to achieve desired vintage look.
  • 8" Square Canvas
  • 1. Place stencil on canvas. Tape one edge of stencil to edge of canvas. Squeeze Raw Sienna onto palette. Use palette knife to gently spread a thin layer over stencil making sure to cover all areas of stencil. Gently lift and remove stencil. Let dry.
  • Pears, Leaves, and Cardboard Rectangle
  • 1. Use #12 flat and equal mix of Raw Sienna + Flow Medium to gently float along one side of pear, along one side of each leaf, and in corners of cardboard rectangle. Let dry.
  • Assemble Wall Hanging
  • 1. Screw eye screws into top of 12" canvas, 1/2" from edges. Thread ends of 1-1/2"-wide ribbon through eye screws and knot to secure. Use glue gun or craft glue to adhere beaded trim along bottom canvas.
  • 2. Using photo as guide, use glue gun to glue 8" canvas onto 12" canvas. Glue brass corners onto each corner of 8" canvas. Glue cardboard rectangle onto 8" canvas, and glue pear and leaves onto cardboard rectangle.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use Raw Sienna to squeeze small tiny dots around outer edge of cardboard rectangle; squeeze line for pear stem and thin center vein lines on leaves.
  • 2. Allow paint to cure 72 hours.