Valentine Gift for You

By  Monika Brint 

  • Valentine Gift for You
  • Blue Treatbox
  • Red & Green Treat Boxes


  • DecoArt: Americana Acrylics: Boysenberry Pink, Bright Orange, Bubblegum Pink, Calypso Blue, Cherry Red, Citron Green, Festive Green, Indian Turquoise, Light Buttermilk, Pansy Lavender, Purple Cow, Tangerine; Craft Twinkles: Galaxy Blue, Orange
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel: Majestic: Angular, Series R4160, 1/8”, 1/4”; Short Liner, Series 4595, #0; Aqualon: Shader, Series R2150, #2, #4, #6; Glaze Wash, Series R2700, 1”
  • DecoArt DuraClear Varnish, Matte
  • Wood Gift Pockets from Wood Crafts from the Heart

Pattern - Valentine Gift for You

  • Preparation
  • 1. Use Lt. Buttermilk to base front and back of each pocket. Use Citron Green to base inside, sides, and edges of one pocket. Repeat using Cherry Red for other pocket and Indian Turquoise for remaining pocket. Lightly sand each and wipe dust; touch up paint if needed.
  • 2. Print out pattern. Transfer "Sweet as Candy" design on green pocket, "Roses are Red" design on red pocket, and "For my Valentine" design on blue pocket.
  • Sweet as Candy
  • 1. Base leaves and lollipop sticks Citron Green. Shade Festive Green along bottom edge of each leaf. Use equal mix of Citron Green + Festive Green to line center leaf veins and to add stripes to lollipop sticks. Base lollipops Bubblegum Pink; highlight Bright Orange along edges and add Tangerine swirls. Paint wording Bubblegum Pink. Use Bright Orange to base heart and flower buds; shade bottom of heart and buds Tangerine. Use Tangerine to add swirls to buds and to add remaining detailing.
  • 2. Apply varnish. Let dry. Brush Craft Twinkles Orange on lollipops and flower buds.
  • Roses are Red
  • 1. Paint leaves in same manner as "Sweet as Candy" using mix to paint stems and detailing.
  • 2. Use Cherry Red to base rose buds with one coat; paint wording and heart. Shade bottom half of buds with second coat Cherry Red. Paint curled petals Boysenberry Pink.
  • 3. Apply varnish. Let dry. Brush Craft Twinkles Orange on rose buds.
  • For my Valentine
  • 1. Base each heart Indian Turquoise; shade edges with hint of Calypso Blue. Add Indian Turquoise detailing above hearts where indicated. Use Purple Cow to base each flower and to paint wording. Use Pansy Lavender to very lightly shade petal edges; dot flower centers.
  • 2. Paint leaves and flower buds in same manner as "Sweet as Candy" using mix to paint curled flower bud detailing and remaining details.
  • 3. Apply varnish. Let dry. Brush Craft Twinkles Galaxy Blue on hearts and sparingly on flowers.