Thanksgiving & Fall Toothpick Box

By  Linda Hollander 

  • Thanksgiving & Fall Toothpick Box
  • Harvest Basket
  • Pilgrim's Hat
  • Pot of Mums
  • Bowl of Apples
  • Turkey - Inside of Lid


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Antique Maroon, Bittersweet Chocolate, Black Plum, Cadmium Red, Camel, Cashmere Beige, Dark Chocolate, French Vanilla, Georgia Clay, Graphite, Grey Sky, Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Light Green, Hauser Medium Green, Heritage Brick, Honey Brown, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Lavender, Marigold, Milk Chocolate, Moon Yellow, Navy Blue, Plum, Pumpkin, Slate Grey, Snow (Titanium) White, Terra Cotta, True Blue, True Ochre, True Red, Wild Orchid
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel: Golden Taklon: Angular, Series R160, 1/8”, 1/2”; Shader, Series R150, #4, #8; Pointed Round, Series R250, #1, #3, #5; Monogram Liner, Series R595, #10/0; Specialty: Fitch Deerfoot, Series SG393, 1/4”; White Blending Mop, Series SG1400, 1/2”
  • DecoArt Americana: Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Matte; Acrylic Multi-Purpose Sealer
  • Toothpick box and maple leaf handle from Craine’s Cutouts and Crafts


  • Black Micron Pen, .01

Pattern - Thanksgiving & Fall Toothpick Box

  • Preparation
  • 1. Seal box, lid, and handle. Sand lightly; wipe dust. Base entire box and lid True Blue. Base handle Marigold. Use painter's tape to tape off 1/2" band along base of box. Base True Ochre below tape and bottom of box. Remove tape.
  • 2. Print out patterns; lightly transfer basic details onto box. Use 1/4" angular to float sheer Navy Blue behind major elements; mop to soften.
  • Painting Instructions
  • 1. Note: Use 1/4" angular for all shading unless otherwise specified.
  • Checks
  • 1. Use shader to paint Milk Chocolate checks; repeat if needed. Float Dk. Chocolate along left side of each check.
  • Harvest Basket, Veggies, and Pickle Jar
  • 1. Use shaders to base basket and handle Dk. Chocolate. Use #4 shader and Honey Brown to paint horizontal weavers on basket sides; dry brush Honey Brown highlights. Strengthen highlights with touches of Marigold.

    Harvest Basket
  • 2. Use liner to add Honey Brown and Dk. Chocolate detailing.
  • 3. Use #1 round and Moon Yellow to undercoat corn kernel section; base True Ochre. Use liner and French Vanilla to paint individual kernels and corn silk. Use brush mix of Hauser Dk. Green and Hauser Med. Green to base husks; highlight Hauser Lt. Green.
  • 4. Base eggplant Plum; use angular to shade Black Plum. Use #3 round and mix of Plum + tch. of Snow White to dry brush highlight. Use liner and Hauser Dk. Green to base calyx and stem; highlight Hauser Med. Green and Hauser Lt. Green.
  • 5. Use #5 round to base butternut squash Camel; use angular to shade sheer Terra Cotta. Dry brush French Vanilla highlight. Use liner to base stem Milk Chocolate; highlight Honey Brown.
  • 6. Use #1 round to base carrots Georgia Clay; dry brush Pumpkin highlights. Use touch of Marigold to add additional highlights. Use liner and Hauser Dk. Green to paint carrot tops; tap highlights and paint stems Hauser Med. Green.
  • 7. Use #1 round to base pickles with brush mix of Hauser Dk. Green and Hauser Lt. Green. Use liner and mix of Grey Sky + tch. of Snow White to dry brush glass outline and highlights. Use #1 round to base lid Grey Sky; use angular to shade Graphite. Use liner to add Snow White highlights.
  • 8. Use #3 round to base pumpkin Georgia Clay; dry brush highlights with Pumpkin, then Moon Yellow. Use #1 round to base stem Dk. Chocolate; dry brush Honey Brown highlight.
  • 9. Use #3 round and Moon Yellow to base upper two-thirds of gourd; base lower third Hauser Dk. Green. Use liner to add French Vanilla stripes. Paint stem Hauser Dk. Green.
  • Pilgrim's Hat, Sunflowers, & Maple Leaves
  • 1. Use shaders to base hat Milk Chocolate. Use angular to shade Dk. Chocolate; deepen with Bittersweet Chocolate. Add Honey Brown back-to-back highlight down center. Dry brush additional highlight with Honey Brown and touches of Georgia Clay. Base hatband Graphite; shade Lamp Black. Add back-to-back Slate Grey highlight. Use liner to paint buckle Honey Brown; dry brush Moon Yellow highlights.

    Pilgrim's Hat
  • 2. Double-load fitch deerfoot with Antique Maroon and Georgia Clay; stipple sunflower centers. Use liner to add thinned Moon Yellow crosshatching lines. Use #3 round and Moon Yellow to stroke petals, repeat if needed. Side-load 1/8" angular with a touch of Georgia Clay; shade left side of some petals. Float sheer Georgia Clay at base of petals.
  • 3. Use #3 round to base maple leaves Moon Yellow. Use 1/8" angular to float Georgia Clay and Hauser Med. Green here and there. Use liner and thinned Hauser Med. Green to add veins. Base branches Bittersweet Chocolate; highlight with touches of Honey Brown. Paint handle leaf in same manner.
  • Pot of Mums
  • 1. Use shaders to base pot Terra Cotta. Shade Dk. Chocolate; deepen with Bittersweet Chocolate. Dry brush Honey Brown highlight down center. Use liner to add Dk. Chocolate crack line on rim and pot. Use fitch deerfoot to dry brush Snow White "lime deposits" here and there.

    Pot of Mums
  • 2. Use liner to paint flower stems Hauser Dk. Green; highlight Hauser Lt. Green. Double-load fitch deerfoot with Hauser Dk. Green and Hauser Lt. Green to stipple foliage. Use liner to base petals Lavender; highlight Wild Orchid and use dirty brush to add additional Snow White highlights. Paint centers Marigold.
  • 3. Paint pumpkins in same manner as in "Harvest Basket, Veggies, and Pickle Jar". Paint maple leaves in same manner as in "Pilgrim's Hat, Sunflowers, and Maple Leaves".
  • Bowl of Apples, Pie, Rolling Pin & Bittersweet
  • 1. Use shaders to base bowl Moon Yellow. Use angular to shade True Ochre; deepen with sheer Dk. Chocolate. Add back-to-back French Vanilla highlight down center of bowl. Use liner to paint Hauser Med. Green stripes; add Hauser Dk. Green shading. Repeat back-to-back float with Snow White.

    Bowl of Apples
  • 2. Use #1 round to base apples True Red; use 1/8" angular to highlight Cadmium Red. Use same brush to shade sheer Black Plum; use full strength paint to paint negative space between apples. Use #1 pointed round to add Snow White reflections.
  • 3. Add Black Plum depressions at top of apples. Add tiny Hauser Med. Green leaves. Line stems Honey Brown.
  • 4. Use #5 round to base pie pan Slate Grey; use angular to shade Graphite. Add back-to-back sheer Snow White highlight down center. Use liner and thinned Snow White to add swirl pattern. Base piecrust Cashmere Beige. Shade Honey Brown; deepen with sheer Dk. Chocolate. Use liner to add Dk. Chocolate vent holes. Use #1 round and mix of Snow White + tch. of True Blue to paint steam lines.
  • 5. Use #4 shader to base rolling pin Cashmere Beige. Use #1 round to paint handles and stripes True Red. Shade Honey Brown on pin and handles; use liner to dry brush Snow White highlight line. Add Graphite metal rods between pin and handles; dry brush Grey Sky highlight.
  • 6. Use liner to paint branches Bittersweet Chocolate; add Honey Brown highlights. Paint leaves Hauser Med. Green. Use stylus to dot berries Georgia Clay; highlight Pumpkin.
  • Turkey (Inside Lid)
  • 1. Use Camel to base head, eyelids, neck, body, and tail feathers omitting left wing at this point. Use angular brushes to shade Milk Chocolate. Shade base of tail feathers Dk. Chocolate. Use pointed rounds to paint stripes on tail feathers with Heritage Brick, Georgia Clay, and Moon Yellow. Use liner to add Lamp Black line work. Base left wing feathers Camel; use 1/8" angular and Milk Chocolate to shade wings, eyelids, and beak. Use liner to add Moon Yellow plume on top of head. Base eyeballs and beak Snow White. Overcoat beak with Marigold; shade Milk Chocolate. Paint nostril Milk Chocolate. Base waddle Antique Maroon; overcoat with True Red.

    Turkey (Inside Lid)
  • 2. Use pointed rounds to base sign and pole Dk. Chocolate; dry brush Milk Chocolate highlights and shade sign Bittersweet Chocolate.
  • 3. Use micron pen to add pupils, detail to eyelids, and lettering on sign.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use liner and Lamp Black to paint stitched line along top of checked border; use stylus to add dip-dots between lines.
  • 2. Glue handle to center top of lid. Let dry. Apply several sealer coats to entire box.
  • Tip
  • 1. Paint a set of matching placemats, napkin rings and/or napkin holder using some or all of the designs? Or take any one of the designs to create a fall outdoor flag.