Summer Toothpick Box

By  Linda Hollander 

This fun all-American toothpick box is a celebration of summertime and the independence of our country. It makes the perfect dinner table accessory for any patriotic occasion.

  • Summer Toothpick Box
  • Inner Lid
  • Picnic Basket & Watermelon
  • Cake, Baseball Hat & Ball
  • Hot Dog, Ants, Ketchup & Mustard
  • Hamburger, Soda Can & Potato Salad


  • Craine’s Cutouts and Crafts: Toothpick Box, Watermelon Handle


  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel: Golden Taklon: Angular, Series R160, 1/8”, 1/4”, 1/2”; Shader, Series R150, #8; Pointed Round, Series R250, #1, #3; Monogram Liner, Series R595, #10/0; Specialty: Mop, Series 900, 1/2”
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Black Plum, Cashmere Beige, Cerulean Blue, Dark Chocolate, Foliage Green, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Leaf Green, Milk Chocolate, Moon Yellow, Razzle Berry, Saffron Yellow, Santa Red, Shading Flesh, Slate Grey, Snow (Titanium) White
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Matte

Basic Supplies

  • painter's tape, sandpaper, tracing paper, pencil, newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Summer Toothpick Box

  • Preparation
  • 1. Undercoat box and lid Slate Grey and undercoat watermelon handle Snow White; sand lightly. Use painter's tape to tape off 1/2" band along base of box. Use Santa Red to base area below tape and bottom of box. Remove tape. Let dry. Base remaining areas of box and lid Cerulean Blue.
  • 2. Print out patterns; transfer basic details onto box.
  • Artist's Tip
  • 1. Use 1/4" angular to shade throughout unless otherwise specified.
  • Checks
  • 1. Use shader to paint Snow White checks; repeat if needed. Use stylus to add Cerulean Blue dip-dots in center.
  • Clouds
  • 1. Use 1/2" angular to float sheer Snow White cloud shapes; mop to soften.
  • Hot Dog and Ants
  • 1. Base hot dog bun Cashmere Beige; shade Milk Chocolate and highlight Moon Yellow. Base hot dog Shading Flesh; shade Milk Chocolate. Use tip of monogram liner brush and Saffron Yellow to tap on mustard. Drizzle ketchup with Santa Red. Tap relish in Leaf Green, then add touches of Foliage Green to highlight. Use shader to drybrush mix of Snow White + Cerulean Blue behind ants. Use #1 to base ants Lamp Black; use monogram liner and thinned Lamp Black to paint legs and arms. Add Snow White highlights.

    Hot Dogs & Ants
  • Ketchup Bottle and Mustard Jar
  • 1. Base red areas of ketchup bottle Santa Red; shade Black Plum. Base cap and label Snow White. Use 1/8" angular to shade sheer Cerulean Blue on cap. Use monogram liner to paint detailing on label in Santa Red and Saffron Yellow.
  • 2. Undercoat yellow area on mustard jar Moon Yellow. Base Saffron Yellow; shade sheer Milk Chocolate. Use monogram liner to paint wooden stick Milk Chocolate. Base label Snow White; use monogram liner to paint detailing in Santa Red and Cerulean Blue.
  • 3. Use #3 round and monogram liner to drybrush color highlights on bottle and jar and to create form of glass.
  • Hamburger, Soda Can, and Potato Salad
  • 1. Base bowl Foliage Green; shade Leaf Green. Line stripes in Santa Red, Cerulean Blue, and Snow White. Use #3 round to slip-slap potato salad with brush mix of Moon Yellow and Snow White. Paint spoon handle Milk Chocolate. Paint hamburger bun in same manner as hot dog bun. Use monogram liner to add Milk Chocolate sesame seeds. Base patty Dk. Chocolate; use 1/8" angular to float Milk Chocolate highlight along top of patty. Paint mustard, ketchup, and relish in same manner as hot dog.

    Hamburger, Soda Can
  • 2. Undercoat soda can Snow White; base sides Moon Yellow and top Slate Grey. Shade sheer Milk Chocolate. Line lettering Leaf Green and paint stripes in Santa Red and Cerulean Blue. Use #3 round and liner to drybrush highlights in Snow White. Base straw Cerulean Blue and add Snow White horizontal lines.
  • Flag
  • 1. (Note: Blue field is base color of box.) Base striped area Snow White; use #1 round to add Santa Red stripes. Use 1/8" angular to highlight Snow White along top edge of blue field. Use stylus to dip-dot star center Snow White; use monogram liner to pull points from dip-dot. Use 1/4" angular to add sheer back-to-back Cerulean Blue vertical shade on flag.
  • Sun
  • 1. Base Moon Yellow; shade sheer Milk Chocolate and highlight Saffron Yellow.
  • Picnic Basket
  • 1. Base Moon Yellow; shade Milk Chocolate. Use monogram liner to add thinned Milk Chocolate weave lines. Base tea towel Snow White. Use 1/8" angular to shade thinned Cerulean Blue along edges; use monogram liner to paint Cerulean Blue stripes and Santa Red stitches. Add thinned Snow White fringe lines.

    Picnic Basket
  • Watermelon
  • 1. Use shader to base red area Razzle Berry; while wet, slip-slap a touch of Snow White. Shade Santa Red above rind. Use monogram liner to paint Lamp Black seeds. Use monogram liner to paint rind Foliage Green and use #1 round to paint outer rind Leaf Green.
  • Beehive and Branches
  • 1. Use monogram liner to paint with brush mix of Milk Chocolate and Dk. Chocolate; use dirty brush to add Moon Yellow highlights. Double-load #3 round with Foliage Green and Leaf Green; stroke leaves.
  • 2. Base beehive Moon Yellow; shade sheer Milk Chocolate. Use #3 round to paint hole sheer Milk Chocolate. Undercoat bee's bodies Moon Yellow then base Saffron Yellow. Stroke wings Snow White. Use monogram liner and thinned Lamp Black to paint stripes and to outline wings. Use monogram liner to dip-dot Snow White bee trails.
  • Cake
  • 1. Base cake Moon Yellow and frosting Milk Chocolate. Shade frosting Dk. Chocolate and shade sheer Milk Chocolate on cake. Highlight frosting with sheer Moon Yellow. Use monogram liner to add Milk Chocolate frosting between cake layers. Base candles Snow White and add tiny thinned Santa Red stripes. Use 1/4" angular and sheer Snow White to float cake plate.

    Cake, Baseball Hat & Ball
  • Baseball Hat and Ball
  • 1. Base hat Foliage Green, bill and button Santa Red. Shade sheer Leaf Green on hat. Use #3 round to drybrush a touch of Snow White highlight on bill and button. Line stitching with thinned Santa Red.
  • 2. Basecoat ball Snow White; use 1/8" angular to shade sheer Cerulean Blue. Use monogram liner to add thinned Santa Red stitching.
  • Watermelon Handle and Inner Lid
  • 1. Paint watermelon in same manner as previously; use shader to drybrush Leaf Green stripes on outer rind keeping edges fuzzy.
  • 2. For inner lid, base rockets Snow White and cone tips Santa Red. Add Santa Red stripes and Cerulean Blue stars. Use 1/8" angular to shade rockets sheer Cerulean Blue and use #1 round to drybrush Snow White highlights. Use monogram liner to paint Saffron Yellow and Snow White exhaust flairs. Paint center of fireworks Saffron Yellow. Use monogram liner to pull streamers of Snow White, Saffron Yellow, Foliage Green, and Razzle Berry. Add dip-dot trails of Snow White and Saffron Yellow, and add Snow White sparkle stars.

    Inner Lid
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use monogram liner and Snow White to paint stitched line above checked border; use stylus to add dip-dots between.
  • 2. Adhere handle to center top of lid. Let dry. Apply several sealer coats to entire box.
  • Tip
  • 1. The designs on this box are the epitome of apple pie, baseball and all things America, so why not use them in other ways? How about a set of matching placemats, napkin rings and/or napkin holder using some or all of the designs? Or take any one of the designs to create a summer flag or outdoor wind chime. For a festive spin on a Fourth of July flag, how about using the firecracker design! The ideas are endless and the designs are just too fun.