Snowlady Cookie Basket

By  Anita Morin 

  • Snowlady Cookie Basket


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Avocado, Black Plum, Burnt Orange, Burnt Umber, Buttermilk, Celery Green, Crimson Tide, Deep Midnight Blue, Desert Sand, French Grey Blue, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Light Avocado, Payne’s Grey, Primary Red, Rookwood Red, Sable Brown, Warm White
  • Brushes: FM Dynasty: Black Gold, Series 206: Flat Wash, 1/2”, 1”; Shader, #1, #12, #20; Script, #20/0; Liner, #10/0; Filbert, #2, #8, #10; Decorator Collection: Mini Mop, Series 400, 1/4”, 1/2”; Dry Brush, Series 200, #8; Tracy Moreau Signature, Texture Stencil, #88, Small
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Multi-Purpose Sealer; Easy Float; DuraClear Varnish, Satin
  • Brass snowflake stencil, 3/4”
  • Grandma Leona’s Cookie Basket from Turn of the Century

Pattern - Snowlady Cookie Basket

  • Preparation
  • 1. Lightly sand lid; wipe dust. Apply multi-purpose sealer; let dry. Sand and seal again. Use Desert Sand to base entire center of lid and knob; base outer edge and underside of lid Rookwood Red.
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer basic details onto lid. Use #20 shader to shade Sable Brown along outer edges of Desert Sand area, behind snowlady, and behind large holly leaves. Use Burnt Umber to deepen floats around outer edges, in creases of snowlady, and behind hollies.
  • 3. Use #10 filbert to base body Buttermilk. Base jacket and hat crown French Grey Blue. Base collar, hat brim, and pom-pom Celery Green. Using #2 filbert for strap and #8 filbert for bag, wash each Rookwood Red. Base bird Desert Sand. Base birdhouse Rookwood Red and roof Lamp Black. Base holly leaves Avocado and berries Primary Red. Base nose Burnt Orange. Transfer details.
  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. Add a few drops Easy Float to clean water to help with shading and highlighting. I prefer wetting area before floating; use appropriate mop brush to pounce over wet areas and to soften floats.
  • Face
  • 1. Use Sable Brown to float along top and bottom edges. Apply second float of Payne's Grey along top and Crimson Tide along bottom. Dry brush cheeks Crimson Tide. Float Burnt Umber along base of nose; highlight top Warm White.
  • 2. Use Lamp Black to paint eyebrows, mouth, chin line, and eyes. Use Warm White to highlight along inside edges of eyes allowing a thin line of black showing; use stylus to add highlight dot. Float Sable Brown under brows, eyes, and nose. Float Crimson Tide under mouth and chin.
  • Hands
  • 1. For left hand, float Sable Brown around edges. Apply second float of Payne's Grey along right side making sure to form thumb; float Crimson Tide along left side. Dry brush Warm White highlight in center. Repeat for right hand, using knob as hand.
  • Body
  • 1. Float Sable Brown along all edges. Apply second float of Payne's Grey under jacket and left corner of body, and down right side of body; float Crimson Tide down left side. Apply very small Warm White highlight along right edge of right side; dry brush highlights here and there in center area.
  • Jacket
  • 1. Use Deep Midnight Blue to float under collar, down center of jacket along right side, in sleeve creases, along bottom edge of jacket, under left hand and behind bag. Deepen with Payne's Grey float making floats choppier. Use mix of French Grey Blue + Warm White (1:1) to highlight down center of jacket along left side between buttons, on jacket along sleeve lines, bottom right corner, and sleeve creases. Use same mix to dry brush highlights on left side of jacket. Paint buttons Lamp Black; float Warm White along left side allowing thin black edge to show and dot button holes.
  • Hat
  • 1. Use Deep Midnight Blue to float above brim, under pom-pom, and in creases on left side. Deepen with Payne's Grey floats. Use mix of French Grey Blue + Warm White (1:1) to highlight creases.
  • Collar
  • 1. Use #1 shader to add Buttermilk stripes. Float Lt. Avocado along bottom edge of entire collar; repeat. Highlight Warm White along top edge.
  • Hat Brim and Pom-Pom
  • 1. Use Lt. Avocado to float along bottom edges of brim and pom-pom, and to float creases; repeat. Use Warm White to highlight top of creases and top of pom-pom.
  • Bag
  • 1. Use #1 shader and liner to add Buttermilk stripes and lines. Use Rookwood Red to float on strap under collar, along inside top edge of bag, along bottom of bag, on left side at center crease, on bag under strap, and under hand. Deepen with Black Plum floats making floats choppier. Use Warm White to highlight top left corner of bag, bottom of strap, and down center of strap. Use mix of Payne's Grey + Warm White (1:1) to apply a second highlight down center of strap and to highlight bag.
  • Bird
  • 1. Float Burnt Umber along top of head and neck. Use script liner and Desert Sand to stroke feather lines; add a few Warm White feathers. Paint beak Buttermilk and dot eyes Lamp Black.
  • Birdhouse
  • 1. Float Black Plum along bottom of house. Use Warm White to highlight top edge of roof. Dot bird hole Lamp Black; highlight Warm White along right edge.
  • Birdhouse Holly and Pine Bough
  • 1. Use Avocado to float bottom right side and down center of holly leaves; outline veins with mix of Lt. Avocado + Warm White (1:1). Use Avocado to line pine needles Avocado, then Lt. Avocado, and then Warm White adding less needles with second and third colors. Use stylus to dot Warm White and Primary Red berries.
  • Large Holly Leaves and Berries
  • 1. For leaves on left and right, use Avocado to float along base, along center on bottom half of leaf, and on top half near berries. For center leaf, float along left and right side of base, down left center, and along right side. Deepen fl oats with mix of Lamp Black + Avocado (1:1).
  • 2. Highlight left and right leaves with mix of Lt. Avocado + Warm White (1:1) along top edge and along top center. For center leaf, highlight along right center and along tip of left side. Add tints of Rookwood Red on some tips. Use same highlight mix to add veins.
  • 3. For berries, float Rookwood Red along bottom and highlight Warm White along top.
  • Snowflakes and Snow
  • 1. Randomly stencil Warm White flakes on background. Float Warm White snow, one float over the other to form layers. Use mop brush to soften floats.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply two varnish coats.