Seasonal Primitives Candle Shelf

By  Susan Cochrane 

  • Seasonal Primitives Candle Shelf
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Antique Gold, Buttermilk, Dark Chocolate, Hauser Medium Green, Khaki Tan, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Santa Red, Uniform Blue
  • Brushes: Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon: Shader, Series 7300, #4, #6, #10, #14, #20; Wash/Glaze, Series 7150, 1”; Liner, Series 7350, #6/0, #1
  • DecoArt: Americana Acrylic Multi-Purpose Sealer; Staining/Antiquing Medium; DuraClear Varnish, Matte
  • Candleholder Shelf with Inserts (#60017) from the Artists Club

Pattern - Seasonal Primitives Candle Shelf

  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. Basecoat all items for solid coverage. Use painter's tape to mask off straight lines. Erase all transfer lines as you go.
  • Preparation
  • 1. Sand surfaces thoroughly with #220 grit sandpaper then with #400. Wipe dust. Apply one coat sealer to individual panels and shelf unit. Let dry. Sand lightly and wipe dust.
  • 2. Print out patterns.
  • Spring
  • 1. Base panel Uniform Blue. Transfer basic sun, lamb, and rocker outlines. Undercoat sun and dashes Khaki Tan; base Antique Gold.
  • 2. Base lamb sections as follows: front and back sections Khaki Tan; middle section, head, tail, and feet Lamp Black; rocker panel Hauser Med. Green. Use #20 shader to float Dk. Chocolate along edges of Khaki Tan sections of lamb except where they meet at middle section.
  • 3. Transfer tulip on lamb. Base leaves and stem Hauser Med. Green; undercoat flower with one coat Khaki Tan then base solidly with Santa Red.
  • 4. Transfer wording and check pattern on rocker; paint each Lamp Black. Transfer tulip heads on each side of wording and paint in same manner as tulip on lamb.
  • 5. Use liner and Buttermilk to add highlight lines on lettering, tulip heads, sun, legs, tail, tulip stem and leaves, tulip panel, and checks; dot eye, and add dots to sun and base of tulip head on panel.
  • Summer
  • 1. Use painter's tape to tape panel exposing bottom band. Transfer flag canton. Base canton Uniform Blue and field area Khaki Tan. Transfer stripes and use tape to mask off center stripe; base top and bottom stripes Santa Red. Use liner to undercoat star Khaki Tan then base Antique Gold.
  • 2. Base remaining portion of panel Hauser Med. Green. Transfer rooster and peg. Base rooster Lamp Black and peg Dk. Chocolate. For wood grain, line peg with Khaki Tan + tch. of Lamp Back. Float Dk. Chocolate along edges of rooster. Transfer heart and string. Undercoat heart Khaki Tan then base Santa Red. Use liner to paint string Khaki Tan; line with Lamp Black for individual strands. Use Dk. Chocolate to shade back string below body and string at neck. Shade each end of peg Lamp Black.
  • 3. Transfer wording and base Lamp Black. Transfer and paint hearts in same manner as rooster heart.
  • 4. Line Buttermilk highlights on hearts, lettering, star, and middle flag stripe. Shade Dk. Chocolate on striped section of flag next to canton. Randomly dot green background Khaki Tan.
  • Fall
  • 1. Transfer bottom band and tape off. Use Antique Gold to base remaining portion of panel. Remove tape and base band Lamp Black. Transfer and base stripe Hauser Med. Green.
  • 2. Transfer goose; mask off areas as required. Use Lamp Black to base beak, head, neck, peg, and foot. Paint chin patch Khaki Tan. Base front and back sections of body Dk. Chocolate, and middle section Uniform Blue. Line plank lines Lamp Black. Use Lamp Black and Khaki Tan for wood grain. Transfer apple; undercoat Khaki Tan then base Santa Red. Paint leaves Hauser Med. Green.
  • 3. Transfer wording and leaves. Base wording Lamp Black and leaves Hauser Med. Green. Transfer and base checks Lamp Black.
  • 4. Line Buttermilk highlights on leaves, wording, checks, neck, apple, center panel, leg, foot, and middle stripe; dot eye and "nail heads" along paneled sections of body. Randomly dot gold background Lamp Black.
  • Winter
  • 1. Base panel Dk. Chocolate. Transfer cardinal and rocker. Undercoat body Khaki Tan then base Santa Red. Mask off and base beak and peg Antique Gold, head Lamp Black, and scarf Hauser Med. Green. Base rocker Uniform Blue.
  • 2. Transfer details on wing and tail; line Lamp Black. Transfer details on scarf and line Khaki Tan. Use #10 shader to float Dk. Chocolate on beak next to head and on each end of peg. Float Lamp Black on body next to scarf.
  • 3. Transfer wording and check pattern on rocker; base each Lamp Black. Line Buttermilk highlights on wording, beak, peg, and checks; dot eye. Use Buttermilk to line and dot snowflakes and to randomly dot brown background.
  • Candle Shelf
  • 1. Base shelf unit and sides Khaki Tan for solid coverage. Transfer and base pineapple Hauser Med. Green. Use Lamp Black to line leaf details and to add line work on pineapple. Mask off and paint diagonal boxes Antique Gold; add Lamp Black dots.
  • 2. Paint side edges of shelf unit Santa Red and shelf edges Lamp Black. Measure off and base check border Lamp Black.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use #220 grit sandpaper to randomly sand edges of shelf unit and panels exposing wood. Rub over sanded areas with equal mix of staining medium and Dk. Chocolate.
  • 2. Apply two to three coats varnish; after second coat rub surface with steel wool in circular motion; wipe dust. Repeat same after each coat varnish.