Santa Moon Wreath

By  Anne Hunter 

  • Santa Moon Wreath


  • Jo Sonja’s: Background Colours: Azure Blue, Blue Lagoon, Harbour Blue, Island Sand, Poppy, Shamrock, Sunflower, Tiger Lily, Tree Frog Green, Wood Violet; Artists’ Colours: Burnt Sienna, Pine Green, Raw Sienna, Teal Green, Titanium White, Warm White
  • Brushes: Scharff: Golden Taklon, Syn-Sable: Liner, Series 455, #6/0, #0; Round, Series 405, #1, #2; Flat, Series 140, #4; Filbert, Series 429, #4; Deerfoot, Series 760, #6; Filbert Comber, Series 430, 1/4”, 1/2”; Lettering, Series 170, 1/8”; White Bristle: Short Fitch, Series 821, 1”; Dome Round, Series 245, #2, #6, #8; Mold Duster, Series 850, #4
  • Twig wreath, 18”
  • Jo Sonja’s Flow Medium
  • Spray varnish, matte
  • Texture paste
  • DecoArt Gold Glamour Dust
  • Rusty craft wire, 20-gauge
  • Floral picks of choice (e.g.: berry’s, pinecones, gift packages)
  • Rusty Crescent Moon (#84275601380), 16” from Painter’s Paradise


  • Pliers

Pattern - Santa Moon Wreath

  • Preparation
  • 1. No prep work is needed for surface. Use bristle fitch and mix of Wood Violet + Texture Paste (1:1) to paint moon in uneven and multi-directional strokes. Sparsely load mold duster with Azure Blue and scumble surface to brighten "sky" area.
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer basic details onto moon.
  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. All the elements, except for the tree, in this design are painted with a dry brush scumble technique. None are basecoated; use layering technique to lightly scumble darkest value over items to be painted using bristle dome (also called scumbler). With lighter value start in highlight area and work into shaded area using less pressure on brush in darker areas. Continue to dry brush in this manner using lighter value. Cover less area with each application and work with dirty brush between colors.
  • Tree
  • 1. Double-load lettering brush with Burnt Sienna and Raw Sienna; paint trunk. Moisten 1/2" filbert comber with flow medium (note: add a drop of flow medium to each color to help form smoother branch strokes); starting at bottom of tree, pull Teal Green strokes from middle of tree toward outer edge. Use dirty brush to stroke some lighter Pine Green strokes then add Shamrock to stroke brightest branches.
  • 2. For star, use #2 round to paint Raw Sienna. Use #2 dome round to lightly scumble Sunflower; repeat with Warm White.
  • 3. Use #2 round to dry brush ornaments in following colors: red Poppy, yellow Sunflower, orange Tiger Lily, lavender Wood Violet, and blue Blue Lagoon. Dry brush Island Sand highlights along right sides. Scumble Warm White shine in upper right side. Use #0 liner to line tints on lower left side: for red tint Sunflower, for yellow tint with mix of Warm White + Tiger Lily (1:1), for orange tint Sunflower, for lavender tint Blue Lagoon, and for blue tint with mix of Warm White + Tiger Lily (1:1). Use #0 liner and brush mix of Raw Sienna and Sunflower to paint ornament tops and hooks. Add Island Sand highlight on right side of tops and hooks.
  • Santa's Face
  • 1. Use #6 dome round to scumble with mix of Sand + Tiger Lily for a flesh color working from right side of face to left. Transfer facial features. Make a mix of Island Sand + Burnt Sienna for shading flesh. Use 6/0 liner and shading flesh mix thinned with flow medium to sketch paint features. Side-load filbert with shading flesh mix to shade top and left side of face, right side of nose, and above eyes. Use Poppy to scumble cheeks, round of nose, and lips. Use Warm White to highlight face under eyes, forehead, down bridge of nose, tip of nose, and mouth.
  • Eyes
  • 1. Use #1 round to base iris' Harbour Blue; use #2 dome round to highlight Azure Blue along bottom. Paint pupils Wood Violet. Sideload flat brush with Wood Violet; shade eye under lid keeping color transparent. Use 6/0 liner to add Warm White shine dots. For eyelashes, use 6/0 liner and mix of Wood Violet + Burnt Sienna (2:1); tap lightly with brush for soft lash look. Pick-up Warm White in dirty brush and tap a few lighter lashes. For eyebrows, use 0 liner and Island Sand; overstroke here and there with Warm White.
  • Santa Suit
  • 1. (Note: Each portion of suit is painted individually. Start each portion on right side where "light" is strongest.) Use #8 dome round to first scumble Poppy, then Tiger Lily, and then with mix of Tiger Lily + Island Sand (1:1).
  • Mittens
  • 1. Use #6 dome round to first scumble Harbour Blue, then Blue Lagoon, and then Island Sand.
  • Fur
  • 1. Use deerfoot to first pounce Azure Blue, then pick-up Island Sand on long side of brush and pounce over Azure Blue; add Titanium White to pounce in more highlights allowing each color to show through.
  • Santa's Beard and Hair
  • 1. Use #8 dome round to first scumble with mix of Island Sand + Azure Blue (3:1). Use 1/4" filbert comber and Island Sand thinned with flow medium to stroke hair. (Note: Work from bottom of beard up through hair in shape following strokes; work mustache last.) Use Warm White for next layer. For more detail, use 0 liner to stroke in some individual whiskers and hair, if desired.
  • Santa's List
  • 1. Use #6 dome round to first scumble Island Sand and then Warm White. Use 6/0 liner and Wood Violet thinned with flow medium to scribble names.
  • Presents
  • 1. (Note: Choose appropriate size dome round to scumble box. Each box has a prominent corner that faces towards you; each side of this corner is brightest. Start on one side of this corner and fade out toward outside of box; repeat for other side of corner. Top of box is brightest closest to corner.)
  • 2. Use following colors listed to first scumble, then to highlight, and then to highlight again:
  • 3. Blue Present: Harbour Blue, Island Sand, Warm White
  • 4. Green Present: Shamrock, Tree Frog Green, Warm White
  • 5. Aqua Present: Blue Lagoon, mix of Blue Lagoon + Warm White (1:1), Warm White
  • 6. Gold Present: Raw Sienna, Sunflower, Island Sand
  • 7. Red Present: mix of Poppy + Wood Violet (2:1), Poppy, Warm White; white present: mix of Island Sand + Raw Sienna (1:1), Island Sand, Warm White
  • 8. Using photo as guide, use colors of choice to paint designs on paper and ribbons.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply one coat varnish; while wet, lightly sprinkle tree and top half of moon with Gold Glamour Dust. Allow surface to cure 48 hour then apply multiple varnish coats.
  • 2. Use rusty craft wire to attach moon to twig wreath through provided holes on moon. Use glue gun to embellish right side of wreath with desired floral picks.