Rudolph & Friends Advent Calendar - Part 2

By  Jill Paris Rody 

  • Rudolph & Friends Advent Calendar - Part 2
  • Rudolph & Friends
  • Animal & House Painting Chart
  • Tree, Star & Manger Painting Chart


  • Jo Sonja Gouache: Potting Shed: Blue Lagoon, Claret Rose, Cornfl ower, Forest Green, Geranium, Mustard Seed, Primrose, Wild Rose
  • Jo Sonja Gouache: Background: Harbor Blue, Island Sand, Tree Frog Green; Tube Colors: Brown Earth, Nimbus Grey, Opal Dust, Payne’s Grey, Provincial Beige, Raw Umber, Rich Gold, Titanium White
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel: Majestic: Glaze/Wash, Series R4700, 3/4”; Angular, Series R4160, 1/4”, 1/2”
  • Brushes: Royal Fusion: Filbert, Series R3170, #2, #4, #6; Shader, Series R3150, #2, #4; Liner, Series 3595, #1; Round, Series R3250, #4; Royal Sable: Short Round, Series L5005, #4, #6
  • Brushes: Scumbler, stippler or scruffy
  • Jo Sonja: All-Purpose Sealer, Clear Glaze Medium; Magic Mix; Flow Medium
  • Matte varnish
  • Deli-paper
  • Advent Calendar (CAL600) from Coyote Woodworks

Pattern - Rudolph & Friends Advent Calendar - Part 2

  • Preparation
  • 1. Base panel Harbour Blue.
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer basic details onto bottom panel.
  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. Fold five to six paper towel sheets in half and dampen; unfold and lightly press out excess water (do not crumple but rather fold and unfold). Sandwich between folded deli sheet; smooth to create wellbonded pad. Place this on half of dry strip palette. This will give a constant wet palette using dry area for blending.
  • 2. Background of surface is "shade" color; leave linework visible to be erased later. Use appropriate size shader and filbert brushes to base shapes using shape-following strokes. Use layering technique to dry brush highlights.
  • Color Mixes
  • 1. Mix A = Nimbus Grey + Payne's Grey (3:1)
  • 2. Mix B = Payne's Grey + Raw Umber (1:1)
  • Painting Instructions
  • 1. Refer to painting charts.

    Animals & House Painting Chart

    Tree, Star & Manger Painting Chart
  • Fir Trees & Boughs
  • 1. Use 1/2" angular and slightly thinned Forest Green to base boughs using "U" shaped strokes. Repeat using mix of Forest Green + Tree Frog Green (2:1) leaving some dark color showing at base of each bough. Use chisel edge of brush and mix of Tree Frog Green + Forest Green (3:1) to highlight "needles" on each bough; add additional Tree Frog Green highlights if desired. For snow, use #4 round and mix of Titanium White + Blue Lagoon (1:1) to pull from outer edges in on each bough.
  • Trunk
  • 1. Use #6 filbert to base with thinned Brown Earth. Use mix of Brown Earth + Territorial Beige (1:1) to dry brush highlights. Use 1/2" angular to float Territorial Beige highlight around racoon and along ridges of roots. If desired, use dirty brush and a touch of Primrose to repeat highlight for further brightness.
  • Cardinals
  • 1. Base Claret Rose; overstroke with Geranium. Highlight tips of wings and head with Wild Rose. Paint face area with Mix B. Dot eyes Payne's Grey and add tiny Titanium White highlight dot. Base beak and legs Mustard Seed; overstroke with Primrose.
  • Bunny
  • 1. Base with Mix A. Paint eyes with Mix B; add tiny Titanium White highlight dots. Overstroke body with mix of Provincial Beige + Brown Earth (1:1); use thinned Titanium White to overstroke tail, edges of ears, legs, feet, front of face, and chest. Add bits of Payne's Grey linework to bottom edge of bunnies.
  • Racoon
  • 1. Using painting chart as guide, base some areas Brown Earth and other areas with Mix A. Use Mix B to base "mask"; darken inside of ears. Use thinned Titanium White to overstroke Mix A areas; repeat with more Titanium White. Use mix of Brown Earth + Provincial Beige (4:1) to dry brush sides of head. Use Payne's Grey to dot eyes and line toe nails. Add tiny Titanium White highlight dot to eyes. Use mix of Provincial Beige + Mustard Seed (2:1) to add accents to muzzle area and inside ears.
  • Candy Canes
  • 1. Base with Mix A; overstroke with thinned Titanium White. Repeat with more Titanium White. Base red bands Claret Rose; overstroke Geranium and then with mix of Wild Rose + Titanium White (1:1). Add very thin Titanium White highlight shine down center of each cane. Base bows Claret Rose; overstroke with Geranium and a touch of Wild Rose. Use mix of thinned Wild Rose + Titanium White to add a few lines along edges and in "gather" spots of ribbon loops.
  • Pine Cones
  • 1. Base Brown Earth. Use chisel edge of #2 filbert to pull up Provincial Beige strokes; repeat on right sides of each cone. Add bristles to tips of "seeds" with same color. Line Payne's Grey along left sides.
  • Gingerbread Boys
  • 1. Base Brown Earth. Dry brush Territorial Beige. Use Titanium White to outline and dot. Wash Brown Earth along left side. Line Payne's Grey on left under sides.
  • Jingle Bells & String
  • 1. Base each Mustard Seed; overstroke Rich Gold and highlight Titanium White. Use Payne's Grey to line and dot "X" opening. Add Titanium White highlight shine.
  • Holly & Berries
  • 1. Base holly with mix of Forest Green + Tree Frog Green (1:1); overstroke with Tree Frog Green. Use thinned Forest Green to line center vein. Base berries Claret Rose; repeat with Geranium. Add Titanium White highlight dots.
  • Popcorn
  • 1. Base Island Sand; use round brush to randomly dab thinned Provincial Beige. Add tiny thinned Raw Umber kernel spots.
  • Presents
  • 1. Base Harbour Blue. Use #2 shader to base ribbon Cornflower. Use mix of Cornflower + Titanium White (1:1) to overstroke front and top sections of box; dot Titanium White. Overstroke left side of box with very thin Cornflower; dot Cornflower. Line ribbon edges Payne's Grey. Glaze Geranium on left side of present. Glaze touches of Blue Lagoon on front and ribbon.
  • Squirrels
  • 1. Use #2 filbert to base with Mix A. Paint eyes Payne's Grey. Use touch more Nimbus Grey to overstroke edges of tail, legs, feet, and ears. Dry brush Provincial Beige on center of legs, tail, arms, and face. Add touch of Titanium White to Mix A and line around eyes and to add additional marks. Add a few touches of Mix B linework to distinguish division of body parts if necessary.
  • Crèche
  • 1. Base Brown Earth. Dry brush Provincial Beige. Use mix of Provincial Beige + Titanium White (1:1) to add accent lines. Dot nails Raw Umber.
  • 2. Line baby's eyes Payne's Grey. Base head with mix of Provincial Beige + Wild Rose (1:1); add a touch of Titanium White to base color to lighten center of head leaving eye-sockets darker. Paint cheeks with thinned touch of Geranium. Line hair with equal mix of Brown Earth + Raw Umber. For halo, use #4 shader and pivot-stroke to paint Opal Dust.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply Clear Glaze Medium over painted area. Apply two to three varnish coats over all surfaces.