Polar Bear and Penguin Clay Pot Porch Sitters

By  Barbara Greve 

  • Polar Bear and Penguin Porch Sitters


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Antique Rose, Baby Blue, Black Green, Blush Flesh, Cadmium Red, Cadmium Yellow, Country Red, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Mistletoe, Moon Yellow, Napa Red, Neutral Grey, Payne’s Grey, Primary Red, Pumpkin, Raw Sienna, Rookwood Red, Sable Brown, Sea Aqua, Snow (Titanium) White, Uniform Blue
  • Brushes: Daler-Rowney Robert Simmons: Expression: Pointed Round, Series E85, #4; Flat Shader, Series E60, #1, #4, #8; Detail Spotter, Series E81, #10/0; Deerfoot Stippler, Series E79, 3/8”; Angle Shader, Series E57, 3/8”; Liner, Series E51, #10/0; Flat Wash/Glaze, Series E55, 3/4”; Decorator Stencil, Series 960, 1/8”
  • DecoArt: DuraClear Varnish, Matte; Craft Twinkles, Crystal
  • Creative Paperclay Modeling Compound
  • Loew-Cornell Forster Woodsies: Jumbo Circles, four; Large Circle, one; Dowel, 1/2”-wide, 7” length; Craft Picks, two
  • Silver brads, 1/4”, sixteen
  • Wire, 1/8” thick, 16” length
  • Jewelry hemp, 41” length of each: black, white
  • Florist foam or Styrofoam (for candy pot)
  • Basket filler of choice
  • Terra cotta pots: 4”, two; 6”, two; 10”
  • Square peat pots, 2-1/2”, four
  • Ball knobs: 1-1/2”; 2”, two
  • Rope: 1/2” diameter, 115” length


  • Drill bits: glass and tile, 1/2”; wood, 1/2”
  • Eclectic E-6000 Craft Epoxy

Pattern - Polar Bear and Penguin Porch Sitters

  • Preparation
  • 1. Turn 10" pot (bear's body) over so bottom is at top. For arm holes, use glass and tile drill bit to drill two holes directly opposite each other, 1-1/4" from top, applying steady and even pressure. Use wood drill bit to drill 5/8" deep holes in each 2" ball knob (bear's hands).
  • 2. Turn 6" pot (bear's head) over so bottom is at top. Use epoxy glue to glue large circle over hole; let dry. Roll out a 1/4" thick sheet of modeling compound and cut to fit smoothly over top of pot; adhere with white craft glue. Smooth evenly with fingers.
  • 3. For peppermint candies, glue two jumbo circles together; repeat. Set aside to dry.
  • 4. Print out pattern. For bear's ears, roll out a 1/2" thick sheet of modeling compound; trace ears and cut out. Set ears aside to dry.
  • 5. Base bears' body and head, and penguin's body (remaining 6" pot) Snow White. Transfer basic outlines omitting details. For penguin's hat (4" pot), turn pot over so bottom is top; use 1" masking tape to tape off band 1" from top.
  • Color Mix
  • 1. Mix A = Neutral Grey + Sea Aqua + Snow White (3:1:2)
  • Polar Bear
  • 1. Use Lamp Black to base each bears eyes and nose; line mouth lines and eyebrows. Use Snow White to base two peat pots (shoes), hands, and ears. Base remaining 4" pot (candy pot) Uniform Blue and rim Baby Blue.
  • 2. Use angle shader and Mix A to shade around bear's face and features, around ears, around scarf, behind and along inside edges of small bear, and under small bear. Repeat with Payne's Grey. Use deerfoot stippler and same colors to stipple around same areas and on hands. Repeat stippling with Snow White.
  • 3. Base scarf on body and rim of head Napa Red. Use pointed round and equal mix of Antique Rose + Blush Flesh to paint knit marks (heart-like shapes) dipping into Snow White here and there. Shade Payne's Grey along two inside edges of scarf and along bottom. Use liner and equal mix of Antique Rose + Blush Flesh to line fringe; repeat with Snow White then Napa Red. Dry brush Snow White highlights here and there.
  • 4. Use Blush Flesh to dry brush cheeks on each bears face; dry brush ears on big bear. Use #4 shader and Snow White to highlight noses and big bear's eyes; use liner to add remaining highlight dots on eyes and cheeks. Glue ears to sides of head.
  • 5. Use black fine line marker to loosely line hair line details on big bears face and ears, and around small bear.
  • Candy Pot
  • 1. Line snowflakes on candy pot rim Snow White; dot ends and add random dots here and there. Use Snow White to base peppermint stick (7" dowel) and peppermint candies. Using photo as guide, base red areas of stick and candies Primary Red, and green areas Mistletoe. Use Black Green to shade centers and along outer edges of peppermint candies. Add thin Snow White highlight line 1/4" from peppermint candy edges and down center of peppermint stick.
  • Penguin
  • 1. For legs, cut 32" length from rope; paint legs Pumpkin. Set aside. Use Lamp Black to base black portion of body, wings, and shoes (remaining two peat pots). Paint eyes and eyebrows Lamp Black. Paint beak Pumpkin.
  • 2. Paint peppermint candy in same manner as in "Candy Pot". Use Mix A to shade around candy, around white areas of body, and around facial features; repeat with Payne's Grey. Dry brush cheeks Blush Flesh. Add Snow White highlighting dots to eyes, cheeks, and beak.
  • 3. Base red portion of hat Country Red; remove tape and paint band with mix of Cadmium Yellow + tch. of Sable Brown. Base remaining ball knob (pom-pom) Snow White; let dry and glue onto hat. Use black fine line marker to line ribbing on rim. Use Rookwood Red to shade ribbing, and to shade along top and bottom of rim; shade along top and bottom of band. Shade Raw Sienna within top and bottom edges of band. Use #1 flat shader and thinned Mistletoe to add center stripe on band; dry brush Moon Yellow highlight. Dry brush Cadmium Red highlights around red portions of hat and on ribbing.
  • Assemble Polar Bear and Penguin
  • 1. Apply Craft Twinkles on all candy pieces. Glue craft picks to back of peppermint candies. Fill pot with florist foam or Styrofoam; insert peppermint stick and candies into pot. Fill with basket filler.
  • 2. For bear's arms, thread 37" rope length through bodies holes and use epoxy glue to glue ends into hands. Glue hands together. Use remaining 46" rope length for bear's legs. Fold bear's and penguin's legs in half. Cut wire in half and twist center of each wire length around center of legs. Bring wire ends up through holes in bodies; twist and spread apart at top of pot to secure.
  • 3. Using photo as guide, push brads into shoes. For shoe strings, cut white and black hemp lengths in half. Tie white hemp lengths around bear's shoes and black hemp lengths around penguin's shoes. Cut holes in top of shoes and thread legs ends through holes. Wrap masking tape several times around ends of rope to prevent rope from slipping out of shoes.
  • 4. Place or glue bear's head on top of body and place or glue penguin's hat on top of body.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply several varnish coats over all surfaces.