Paint Paddle Flag

By  Linda Bauer 

Old Glory has never looked better! Make this quick-and-easy version for the upcoming Memorial Day holiday.

  • Painted Paddle Flag
  • Closeup View


  • Wooden paint paddles, 14” long, nine
  • Darice: Rusted Tin Sheet, 4” square; Rusted Wire, 22-gauge, 28” length, 36” length
  • Delta Ceramcoat Acrylic Paints: Barn Red, Midnight Blue, Trail Tan, Spice Brown
  • Jute twine, 22” length


  • Drill with 1/4” bit
  • Delta Ceramcoat Painter’s Helper Crackle medium
  • Eclectic Products E-6000 Industrial-Strength Adhesive

Basic Supplies

  • scissors, pencil, handsaw, sandpaper, soft cloth, heavy books, paintbrush

Pattern - Paint Paddle Flag

  • 1. Cut handles from seven paddles, so each paddle measures 12" long; cut one end into point. Sand and wipe dust with soft cloth. Cut 9" lengths from remaining uncut paddles; drill hole 1/2" from one end of each. Lightly sand; wipe dust.
  • 2. Arrange 12" paddles into flag with points facing left and straight ends aligned. Perpendicular to paddles, place 9" paddles on top and 1-1/2" in from each side, with holes overlapping top edge of flag 3/4" (for hangers). Adhere in place. Place heavy books over paddles to secure while drying.
  • 3. Basecoat front and back of flag Spice Brown. Follow manufacturer's instructions to apply crackle medium to front.
  • 4. Trace 3-1/2"x6" rectangle in upper left corner; paint rectangle and hanger Midnight Blue. Let dry completely. Paint remaining paddles alternating Barn Red and Trail Tan, and remaining hanger Barn Red.
  • 5. Print and cut out pattern. Cut seven stars from rusted tin sheet. Adhere to flag as shown.
  • 6. Wrap 28" wire length around upper left edge of flag as desired; curl ends. Attach remaining length around bottom right corner in same way.
  • 7. For hanger, insert ends of jute length through holes from back to front. Knot and trim.
  • Tip
  • 1. Make a larger version from fence pickets or a smaller version from craft sticks.