Lil' Easter Goodie Totes

By  Robin Mani 

  • Lil' Easter Goodie Totes
  • Painting Chart


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Asphaltum, Bright Green, Bubblegum Pink, Cadmium Yellow, Holly Green, Indian Turquoise, Lavender, Lilac, Ocean Blue, Poodleskirt Pink, Pumpkin, Royal Fuchsia, Snow (Titanium) White, Taffy Cream, Yellow Green
  • Brushes: Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon: Script Liner, Series 7050, #10/0; Liner, Series 7350, #2, #4, #6; Shader, Series 7300, #6; Angular Shader, Series 7400, 1/4”, 3/8”; Filbert, Series 7500, #6, #8
  • Double-sided tape
  • Decorative ribbon in coordinating colors
  • Optional: Easter grass
  • Low nap white felt, 6” square, three
  • Totally You Mini Canvas Totes (TBM4CP-94); Purple, Pink, Yellow from Loew-Cornell


  • Black permanent pens: fine, medium
  • Pinking shears

Pattern - Lil' Easter Goodie Totes

  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. When painting on felt, mix just a little water into paints for easy flow. (Note: Too much water will make paint to runny and could cause seepage.) If while painting you come across difficult "fuzz", leave it. When paint dries, snip fuzz and touch up as needed. For double-dot technique, use large end of stylus to tap dot with one color, let dry, then use small end of stylus to tap different color dot on top. Use different size stylus and end of brush handles to achieve various size dots.
  • Preparation
  • 1. Note: Be sure to use low nap felt that is smooth to touch.
  • 2. Use pinking shears to trim felt edges so tote edges are seen. Print out patterns. Transfer basic details using medium tip pen and thick lines for dark pattern lines and fine-tip for detail lines. Use script liner to line around each object on pattern using basecoat color omitting details at this time.
  • Easter Basket (Blue Tote)
  • 1. Easter Basket: Use Taffy Cream to outline handle and basket; use #2 liner and #6 shader to base. Use script liner and Pumpkin to add detailing and to outline basket. Use mix of Pumpkin + Asphaltum (2:1) to shade along right side and bottom of detail lines. Use #2 liner and Cadmium Yellow to add highlight comma strokes on each basket weave and between detail lines; add smaller Taffy Cream highlights on top.
  • 2. Bow: Line Bubblegum Pink; shade Royal Fuchsia and highlight Poodleskirt Pink around edges.
  • 3. Blue Eggs (3): Outline and base each Indian Turquoise. For egg on left, add tiny random Pumpkin dots. For middle egg, paint flower petals Bubblegum Pink, dot center Cadmium Yellow, and paint leaves Holly Green. For egg on ground, paint center stripe Bubblegum Pink and add Cadmium Yellow dots. Use 1/4" angular shader to shade Ocean Blue along bottom of each blue egg, then outline eggs.
  • 4. Green Egg: Outline and base with mix of Yellow Green + Bright Green (5:1). Paint stripes Taffy Cream and Pumpkin; add Indian Turquoise dots. Shade Holly Green along bottom, then outline.
  • 5. Purple Egg: Outline and base Lilac. Add random Bright Green dots. Shade Lavender along bottom, then outline.
  • 6. Pink Egg: Outline and base Poodleskirt Pink. Paint outer stripes Bright Green. Paint middle stripe Lilac and add Indian Turquoise dots. Shade Royal Fuchsia along bottom, then outline.
  • 7. Orange Egg: Outline and base Pumpkin. Paint middle stripe Cadmium Yellow. Add Indian Turquoise dots along each side of stripe. Shade with mix of Pumpkin + Royal Fuchsia (2:1) along bottom, then outline.
  • 8. Grass: Use script liner and Bright Green to dab and pull blades between eggs in basket and on ground. Shade bottom of grass with lines and dabs of Holly Green. Highlight with lines of Yellow Green at top of blades.
  • 9. Butterfly: Paint wings Pumpkin; outline Royal Fuchsia and add double-dots of Indian Turquoise then Cadmium Yellow. Use Asphaltum to paint body and use stylus to dot trail.
  • 10. Border: Double-dot felt edges in the following colors: Poodleskirt Pink and Royal Fuchsia; Cadmium Yellow and Pumpkin; Bright Green and Yellow Green; Lilac and Lavender; Indian Turquoise and Ocean Blue.
  • Tulip and Eggs (Pink Tote)
  • 1. Stem and Leaves: Use Bright Green to outline leaves and line stem; base leaves. Use Holly Green to shade underside of stem, line leaf veins, and to shade bottom of leaves. Line Yellow Green highlight along top edge of stem and leaves.
  • 2. Tulip: Outline Poodleskirt Pink and use filbert to base. Outline petals Bubblegum Pink. To shade, use Royal Fuchsia to pull thin lines from base of tulip onto petals. Outline outer edges of tulip Snow White. Line stamen Holly Green and dot ends Cadmium Yellow.
  • 3. Blue Egg: Outline and base Indian Turquoise. Add random Bubblegum Pink, Cadmium Yellow, Yellow Green, and Lavender dots. Shade Ocean Blue along bottom, then outline.
  • 4. Yellow Egg: Outline and base Taffy Cream. Paint stripes Bright Green, Poodleskirt Pink, and Indian Turquoise. Shade green stripe Holly Green, pink stripe Royal Fuchsia, and blue stripe Ocean Blue. Add Snow White highlight shines.
  • 5. Butterfly: Paint wings Poodleskirt Pink and outline Royal Fuchsia; add Indian Turquoise dots. Paint body Asphaltum.
  • 6. Grass: Paint grass in same manner as grass in "Easter Basket".
  • 7. Border: For little "flowers", double-dot felt edges with Poodleskirt Pink then Royal Fuchsia. Double-dot three Bright Green then Yellow Green descending size dots on each side of flower.
  • Baby Chick (Purple Tote)
  • 1. Chick: Outline and base Taffy Cream. Use filbert to base again; dab Cadmium Yellow along outer edges. Lightly shade Pumpkin around inside edges and under wing. Outline with mix of Pumpkin + Asphaltum (2:1). Paint beak and legs Pumpkin; outline Asphaltum. Paint eye Asphaltum. Wash cheek Bubblegum Pink. Use Snow White to highlight beak, eye, cheek, and stroke feathers on wings.
  • 2. Flower Bonnet: Paint "roses" Poodelskirt Pink; swirl Bubblegum Pink around middle and tap Royal Fuchsia in center; highlight dot Snow White. Paint leaves Bright Green; line stem Holly Green and highlight edges Yellow Green. Add a few Bright Green filler leaves. Add random Lavender and Snow White dots. Line ribbon Lilac; shade Lavender and highlight Snow White.
  • 3. Egg: Outline and base Lilac. Base stripe Cadmium Yellow; shade ends Pumpkin. Add double-dots of Bright Green then Yellow Green. Randomly dot Bubblegum Pink on either side of egg. Shade Lavender along bottom, then outline.
  • 4. Tulips: Paint tulip, stems and leaves in same manner as tulip in "Tulip and Egg" of pink tote.
  • 5. Grass: Paint in same manner as grass in "Easter Basket".
  • 6. Border: Paint felt edges with wavy Bright Green line; shade with little lines of Holly Green and highlight with lines of Yellow Green. Add double-dots of Cadmium Yellow then Pumpkin.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use double-sided tape to adhere felt squares to totes, placing tape close to edges and middle. Press firmly to secure. Tie ribbon into a bow around handle. Stuff with Easter grass and fill with candies or small gifts.