Lamb Pillow

By  Betty Bowers 

  • Lamb Pillow


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Antique White, Dioxazine Purple, Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Light Green, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Milk Chocolate, Mustard Seed, Peony Pink, Warm White, Wild Orchid
  • Brushes: Loew-Cornell: La Corneille Golden Taklon: Liner, Series 7350, #0; Angular Shader, Series 7400, 3/8”; Round Scumbler, Series 2014, #8; Specialty: Fabric Flat, Series FAB, #4F, #8F
  • Cotton fabric: off-white, 10” square; color and pattern of choice, 1/3 yd.
  • Warm & Natural Batting, 9-1/2” square
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Buttons, 1-1/4”, four
  • Yellow embroidery thread


  • Sewing machine and basic sewing supplies
  • Iron

Pattern - Lamb Pillow

  • Preparation
  • 1. Print out pattern. Place pattern under off-white fabric square. Trace basic lines onto fabric with pencil. (Note: When painting on fabric, you need a firm surface under fabric. You can cover a cardboard piece with plastic wrap and tape fabric to cardboard securing in place.)
  • Lamb
  • 1. Base wool Antique White. Use Milk Chocolate to shade on body along edges of flower blanket, and to wash shading across body and top of head. Base face, ears, and tail Lamp Black. Paint eyes and cross hatching on cheeks Warm White; line mouth. Stipple wool Warm White allowing some basecoat color to show.
  • Blanket
  • 1. Base Hauser Lt. Green and shade Hauser Dk. Green. Base flower petals Wild Orchid; shade base of petals Dioxazine Purple and highlight ends Warm White. Randomly dot petal ends Warm White. Base flower center Mustard Seed; shade Milk Chocolate along bottom and highlight Warm White along top. Add random Milk Chocolate dots along bottom of flower center and add Warm White highlight dots at top. Add random Peony Pink dots on green background. Add Lamp Black detail stitching around flower center.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use Lamp Black to lightly outline lamb and to paint legs. For ground, stipple Milk Chocolate under legs. Use liner and Hauser Lt. Green to paint grass. Use handle end of brush to randomly tri-dot Mustard Seed around lamb.
  • Assemble Pillow
  • 1. Heat set paint: place thin cloth over painted surface and press with warm iron. Fold raw edges of painted panel under 1/4" and press. Cut two 12" squares from fabric of choice. Place batting square under painted panel and center both on right side of one 12" fabric square; pin in place and stitch around edges; remove pins. With wrong sides of 12" squares facing, sew around raw edges in 1/4" seams leaving opening at bottom for turning. Clip corners and turn right side out. Softly stuff with fiberfill. Stitch opening closed. Sew one button securely onto each corner of pillow with embroidery thread. Knot to secure and tie ends into a bow.