Kitchen Notes

By  Karen Strubel 

  • Kitchen Notes


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Burnt Sienna, Burnt Umber, Buttermilk, Cocoa, Cool White, Country Red, Evergreen, Grey Sky, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Light Avocado, Light Cinnamon, Midnite Green, Milk Chocolate, Mississippi Mud, Raw Sienna, Rookwood Red, Russet, Soft Black
  • Brushes: Papillon: Liner, #10/0; Angular Shader, 1/2”; Highlighter, 1/2”; Round, #6; Midliner, #2; Glaze Wash, 3/4”; Shader, #6, #12
  • Brushes: Loew-Cornell La Corneille Golden Taklon: Debbie Mitchell Stippler, Series DM, 1/4”, 1/2”
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Gloss
  • Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Spray Paint, Black
  • Hook screws, two
  • Chalk
  • Large “Note” Wooden Plaque (#P200), 6”x20” from Coyote Woodworks

Pattern - Kitchen Notes

  • Preparation
  • 1. Use glaze wash to base entire plaque Cocoa. Use extra fine-grit sandpaper to sand entire plaque. Wipe dust and base again if needed. Use painter's tape to tape off 9" long area within top of grooved area; spray with chalkboard paint. Let dry. Remove tape.
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer basic details onto bottom of plaque.
  • Table
  • 1. Use angular shader to float Burnt Umber for table line. Use 1/2" stippler to dry brush mix of Burnt Umber + Raw Sienna (1:1) on table.
  • Scale
  • 1. Use shaders and mix of Lamp Black + Grey Sky (1:1) to base "metal" areas of scale; use #6 shader to base scale face Cool White. Use angular shader to shade metal areas Lamp Black and use 1/4" stippler to dry brush Cool White. Add Cool White highlight lines to metal areas. Use angular shader to wash face Burnt Sienna; shade edges. Use 10/0 liner to add Lamp Black scale lines. Use metal mix to paint face hand; shade Lamp Black and highlight Cool White. Add Cool White highlight lines.
  • Books
  • 1. Use #6 shader to base green book Lt. Avocado and red book Country Red. Base "pages" and mid-section of red book Buttermilk. Use angular shader to shade green book Midnite Green and red book Lamp Black. Use Burnt Umber to shade pages and to wash front mid-section of red book. Use 10/0 liner and thinned Lamp Black to add wording and detail lines. Use Burnt Umber to paint vine detailing on binding of red book. Line edges of mid-section on red book with mix of Country Red + Cool White (1:1); dry brush highlights on binding and front cover.
  • Pie
  • 1. Use same mix from scale to base pie pan; shade Lamp Black and dry brush Cool White highlights. Line rim Cool White. Use #6 shader to paint cherries Country Red. Use same brush and Milk Chocolate to base piecrust. Shade Burnt Umber and dry brush Buttermilk highlights.
  • Flour Bag
  • 1. Use #12 shader to base Cool White; use angular shader to shade Burnt Umber and highlight Buttermilk. Line lettering Mississippi Mud. Line Cool White along top and bottom of lettering. Base ribbon Rookwood Red; dry brush Cool White highlights.
  • Cherries on Scale
  • 1. Use #6 shader to base Country Red; use angular shader to shade Lamp Black. Use 10/0 liner and mix of Burnt Umber + Buttermilk (1:1) to paint stems. Use #6 shader to base leaves Evergreen; highlight Lt. Avocado; line veins Soft Black.
  • Grandma Sign
  • 1. Use #6 shader to base sign Buttermilk and frame Rookwood Red. Shade sign edges Burnt Umber. Use 10/0 liner and thinned Lamp Black to paint wording. (Optional: Change wording to read "Mom's Kitchen" or other name if desired.) Base heart Rookwood Red; shade Lamp Black and add Cool White highlight line. Stroke leaves Lt. Avocado. Line wire and paint nail Burnt Umber; add Cool White highlight lines.
  • Notes and Groove
  • 1. Use midliner and Rookwood Red to fill in lettering; use Russet to fill in groove around plaque.
  • Checked Border
  • 1. Use #12 shader and Lt. Cinnamon to paint checked border around edges of frame; use #6 shader for thinned Lt. Cinnamon to paint check border across top of design area.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use angular shader and mix of Lt. Cinnamon + Burnt Sienna (1:1) to shade plaque around edges of "Notes" and around edges of design area. Use mix of Cocoa and Buttermilk (1:1) to line side and top edges of chalkboard area.
  • 2. Spatter design area with Burnt Umber and then with Buttermilk.
  • 3. Apply three to four sealer coats over surface avoiding chalkboard area. Attach hook screws to bottom of plaque to hold chalk.