Hearts ’n Flowers Mailbox

By  Margaret Wilson 

Valentine's Day is quickly approaching. Send sweet Valentine wishes to neighbors and visitors with this cheerful mailbox cover!

  • Hearts ’n Flowers Mailbox


  • Mailbox cover
  • DecoArt Americana Acrylic Paints: Berry Red, Black Green, Burnt Sienna, Deep Burgundy, Golden Straw, Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Light Green, Jade Green, Napa Red, Pineapple, Pink Chiffon, Silver Sage Green, Snow White, Tuscan Red; Fiery Red Hot Shots


  • Royal & Langnickel Majestic Paintbrushes: Series R4150 Shader #6, #12; Series R4595 Short Liner #1; Series R4170 Filbert #8; Series L5005 Royal Sable Short Round #14
  • Foam roller, 3”
  • Exterior acrylic varnish

Basic Supplies

  • painter’s tape, ruler, container of water, palette, newspaper (to cover work surface), transfer paper

Pattern - Hearts 'n Flowers Mailbox

  • 1. Use foam roller to basecoat one side of mailbox cover Pink Chiffon. For side borders, measure 2-1/4" from edges, tape off, and basecoat Deep Burgundy. Let dry thoroughly. Measure another 1/2" from inner edges of burgundy border; tape off and basecoat Black Green.
  • 2. Print out patterns. Transfer basic pattern onto mailbox cover.
  • 3. For background leaves, double-load #12 shader with Hauser Dark Green and Hauser Light Green; blend well on palette and pull leaves from bottom edge of cover up. While still wet, use chisel edge of brush to pull up center vein.
  • 4. Transfer remainder of design. Refer to pattern for flower numbers. Use filbert and Tuscan Red to basecoat front petals of flowers #1, #2, #4, and #5; basecoat back petals Napa Red. Use same brush and Berry Red to basecoat front petal of flower #3; basecoat back petals Napa Red. For flowers #6 and #7, basecoat top and bottom petals Berry Red; basecoat remaining petals Tuscan Red.
  • 5. For flowers #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5, use #12 shader and Napa Red to shade along curved center, along left edge, and at base of flowers where petals fit into calyx. For flowers #6 and #7, shade base of "east" and "west" petals Napa Red. Use liner and Napa Red to pull fine lines up from base of petals.
  • 6. Stipple center of flowers #6 and #7 Golden Straw; stipple Pineapple highlight on right sides. Float Burnt Sienna C-strokes on left side of each center.
  • 7. Use #14 short round to drybrush Fiery Red highlights along right sides of flowers #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5, then drybrush smaller highlights in crescent shape down center of left side of front petals. For flowers #6 and #7, drybrush centers of all petals. Use liner and Snow White to add cross-hatching on flowers #1 and #4; add stitch marks to front petals of flower #5.
  • 8. Double-load #6 shader with Hauser Dark Green and Jade Green to pull up stems and calyxes. Continue to pull up more leaves coming up over stems.
  • 9. For candy hearts on borders, randomly basecoat candies Pineapple, Silver Sage Green, and Pink Chiffon. Use liner and Tuscan Red to add lettering. Shade Lamp Black behind candy hearts. Add curvy Pink Chiffon line to connect candies.
  • 10. (Note: Not all mailboxes and/or flags are same size. Check mailbox for flag placement, then carefully cut out appropriate size hole for flag.) Apply several coats of varnish making sure to seal edges.
  • Tip
  • 1. Adjust pattern and use this design to paint a welcome flag. Or, convert design onto a wooden plaque for a front door decoration.