Garden Cottage Chime

By  Debby Forshey-Choma 

  • Garden Cottage Chime
  • Trellis Side
  • White Cottage Side
  • Yellow Cottage Side


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Buttermilk, Deep Midnight Blue, Espresso, Evergreen, Foliage Green, Hauser Dark Green, Hauser Light Green, Hauser Medium Green, Honey Brown, Lavender, Marigold, Peony Pink, Petal Pink, Pumpkin, Purple Cow, Salem Blue, Shale Green, Silver Sage Green, Slate Grey, Snow (Titanium) White, Warm White
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel: Funky Pouncer, Series 2211, 5/16”; Signature Series: Debbie’s Texture Brush, Series L1360, small, medium, large; Majestic: Angular, Series R4160, 5/8”; Shader, Series R4150, #0, #2, #4, #6, #8, #12; Filbert, Series R4170, #2, #8; Script Liner, Series R4585, #10/0; Royal Soft-Grip: White Nylon Blending Mop, Series SG1400, 3/4”; Combo: Oval Wash, Series L3080, 3/4”
  • DecoArt DuraClear Varnish, Matte
  • All-purpose spray primer, gray
  • Medium Chime (3 sides, 3-3/4”x8”) from S&G Inc.


  • C-thru graph ruler

Pattern - Garden Cottage Chime

  • Preparation
  • 1. Spray entire outside of chime and disc with primer. Let dry. If necessary, lightly sand; wipe dust. Base outside of chime and disc Shale Green. Base wooden ball Hauser Dk. Green; sand, wipe dust, and base again.
  • 2. Print out patterns; transfer basic horizon and land lines on all three sides of chime.
  • 3. Note: Use graph ruler to aid in transferring straight lines; use stylus to drag along ruler's edge.
  • Sky Area
  • 1. Use #12 shader and Salem Blue to base sky on all three sides of chime. Load chisel edge of angel brush with Salem Blue then corner load Snow White; walk brush across sky area, streaking to suggest clouds, and keeping color lightest at horizon.
  • Background Shrubs
  • 1. Note: For proper use of texture brush, use the following method: tap bristles into paint, hold perpendicular to palette, pounce up and down to remove excess paint leaving scant amount on brush. Tap brush lightly on surface, dancing up and down, and rolling in different directions between fingers when brush is up in air. Allow some drying time between taps so paint sets up a bit.
  • 2. Use medium texture brush and equal mix of Salem Blue + Hauser Dk. Green to dance distant shrubs near horizon on all three sides. Lightly dance Silver Sage Green at top of shrubs to highlight and separate.
  • 3. Use medium texture brush and Hauser Dk. Green to dance background shrubs in front of distant shrubs; dance Silver Sage Green to highlight and separate.
  • Background Land Area
  • 1. (Note: Work one side at a time.) Use large texture brush and Foliage Green to dance top third of land area. Dance bottom third with Hauser Med. Green. Load toe of brush with Foliage Green and heel with Hauser Med. Green to dance middle area allowing to blend between top and bottom thirds. Repeat process.
  • Purple Wildflowers
  • 1. (Note: Painted only on yellow cottage side and trellis side.) Use clean water to lightly dampen areas. Use large texture brush to dance Lavender onto area. Let dry and repeat with Purple Cow.
  • White Cottage Side
  • 1. Mix A = Snow White + tch. of Deep Midnight Blue

    White Cottage Side
  • 2. Transfer pattern. For pine tree next to house, use graph ruler to transfer center trunk. Slightly dampen area with clean water. Load chisel edge of #8 filbert with Evergreen. With brush on chisel edge, vertically pull very top of pine; tap boughs horizontally from left to right, slightly widening while working towards base of tree allowing a bit of background to show through. In same manner, use Silver Sage Green to highlight boughs here and there.
  • 3. Base cottage walls Warm White; shade Slate Grey on left side of house, and along left and right side of middle wall. Base roof with Mix A; shade Deep Midnight Blue around middle of house. Use Mix A to base chimney and door. Use Deep Midnight Blue to base windows and to shade along bottom of chimney. Use Warm White and script liner to outline windows; paint window panes and door knob. Outline door Deep Midnight Blue.
  • 4. For pink climbing vine, use small texture brush and Evergreen to dance foliage on cottage wall; double-load #2 filbert with Peony Pink and Petal Pink to dab flowers here and there. Use small or medium texture brush and Evergreen to dance shrubs on left side of house; dance Silver Sage Green to highlight and separate.
  • Middle Land Area
  • 1. Repeat steps from "Background Land Area" to apply grass. For wildflowers on "White Cottage Side", lightly dampen surface with clean water. Dampen funky pouncer with water and pinch out excess in paper towel. Load Marigold and dab here and there over land area. Rinse brush and repeat using Peony Pink and Purple Cow.
  • 2. Pink Ground Foliage on Trellis Side Use medium texture brush and Evergreen to dance ground foliage. Let dry. Use Petal Pink then Peony Pink to dance pink foliage.
  • Pine Trees
  • 1. Follow above steps to paint the remaining three pine trees on White Cottage Side and on Trellis Side. Use medium texture brush to dance Evergreen under pines; dance Silver Sage Green to highlight.
  • Yellow Cottage
  • 1. Transfer pattern. Base walls Buttermilk; use #0 shader and Honey Brown to pull bricks here and there. Use #6 shader to wash Honey Brown over left wall. Base roof Honey Brown; shade Espresso around right front roof and two underside roof areas. Highlight Buttermilk across left and right top corners. Base chimney Honey Brown; shade Espresso along bottom. Base windows Deep Midnight Blue and door Espresso. Use Warm White and script liner to outline windows and door; paint window panes and door knob. Paint pine tree to right of cottage and pink climbing vine in same manner as above. Use medium texture brush and Evergreen to dance in flowering shrub to left of cottage; dance in Salem Blue flowers.

    Yellow Cottage Side
  • Foreground Area
  • 1. Repeat "Background Land Area" steps to apply grass using Hauser Lt. Green and Hauser Dk. Green.
  • Trellis
  • 1. Transfer pattern. Double-load #0 shader with Slate Grey and Warm White; pull front lines of trellis. Use Slate Grey to pull horizontal lattice and back lines. Use medium texture brush to dance Hauser Dk. Green foliage over trellis. Dance Salem Blue flower clusters over foliage; lightly dance Snow White at top of clusters to highlight.

    Trellis Side
  • Foreground Flowers
  • 1. Use medium texture brush and Hauser Dk. Green to dance foliage on all three sides where flowers will be. Use small texture brush do dance the following wild flower clusters: Lavender, Purple Cow, Peony Pink, Petal Pink, and Marigold. For yellow blossoms, use #2 filbert and Marigold to dab misshaped circles; lightly tap Pumpkin along bottoms. Dab centers Espresso. Use #2 filbert and Silver Sage Green to pull one-stroke leaves on each side of flowers. For daisies, use script liner and Hauser Dk. Green to pull a few stems. Use #2 filbert and Snow White to pull five-petal daisies; dab centers Marigold.
  • Disc
  • 1. Use "Foreground Flowers" steps to dance wildflowers of choice.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use combo oval wash to apply several varnish coats on chime and disc.