Floral Lampshade

By  Patricia Eisenbraun 

  • Floral Lampshade
  • Painting Chart for Leaves & Roses
  • Twigs At Top
  • Branches Added
  • Leaves Added
  • Roses Added


  • Jansen Art Traditions Acrylics: Brown Madder, Light Pearl, Raw Umber, Teal Green, Titanium White, True Gold, Yellow Green Light
  • Brushes: Jansen Art Traditions: Short Liner, Series JAB17, #1; Filberts, Series JAB25, #8
  • Brushes: Other brushes: angular, 1/2”; flat, 1”; mop, 1”; shader, 3/4”, three
  • Jansen Art Traditions Mediums: Multi-Surface Sealer; Glazing Medium; Extender & Blending Medium; Satin Varnish
  • Deli wrap paper (available at food outlets)
  • Glass Shade and Votive Holder


  • Masterson Stay Wet Palette Keeper
  • Spray bottle filled with distilled water

Pattern - Floral Lampshade

  • Artist's Tip
  • 1. To hold lampshade while painting, insert two fingers through top opening securing with thumb at bottom. Or use 8 oz. extender bottle to "hang" shade on. Use hair dryer on low to force dry between layers. Mist paints frequently using distilled water. Use wet palette. Fold two paper towels in half and dampen. Place on top of waxed palette and overlap an inch or more at top creating four layers of 1" overlap. Paint will be placed on this top overlapped area. Lift thickened overlap and slide deli wrap underneath. Lay remaining deli wrap on top of paper towel; apply pressure over entire deli wrap to moisten. This will give a constant wet palette to blend paints. Use one shader brush for each medium (glazing medium, extender, and varnish).
  • Preparation
  • 1. Wash lampshade with warm soapy water. Rinse with vinegar. Wipe dry with paper towel; avoid touching surface to prevent transferring finger oils. Seal entire surface with Multi-Purpose Sealer. Force dry; allow to cool before painting.
  • 2. Print out pattern.
  • Painting Instructions
  • 1. Refer to painting chart.

    Painting Chart
  • Step 1
  • 1. Apply very thin coat Extender onto surface. Load filbert with Teal Green; add tiny touch of Extender to brush and blend on palette. Working around shade one-fourth section at a time, apply sheer Teal Green at top of shade working one-fourth way down, then repeat same working one-fourth way up from bottom leaving center area without color. Use mop to blend top and bottom. Force dry and cool. Apply Glazing Medium over entire surface; force dry and cool. Repeat entire process to deepen color if desired.
  • Step 2
  • 1. Apply Extender onto surface; wipe excess with paper towel. Use flat brush to apply Lt. Pearl over entire surface. Use mop brush and long sweeps to blend, eliminating pearl lines. Force dry and cool.
  • Step 3
  • 1. Trace over pattern lines with black finepoint marker. Place pattern inside shade and secure in place with tape.
  • Step 4
  • 1. For twigs along top of shade, use short liner and Raw Umber to stroke thick thin lines; thin paint with water or Extender if needed. Highlight twigs True Gold using thick thin lines allowing Raw Umber to show. Line top rim True Gold; force dry and cool.

    Twigs At Top

    Branches Added

    Leaves Added

    Roses Added
  • 2. For branches, use short liner to paint thin Teal Green lines; thin paint with water or Extender if needed. For leaves, dress angular brush with Extender; wipe off excess. Double-load with Teal Green on toe and Yellow Green Light on heel; blend on palette paper. With toe of brush on stem, slide brush forward applying pressure to create leaf shape.
  • 3. For roses, dress angular brush with Extender; wipe off excess. Double-load with Titanium White on toe and Brown Madder on heel; blend on palette paper. (Note: Depending on pressure you apply to brush, large and small flowers can be created. Make some of these buds and others with a variety of petals.) For bud, stroke upside down "U" with Brown Madder to inside, then stroke upright "U" with Brown Madder to outside. For side petals, stroke comma strokes to outside of buds. For front petal, lay brush gently at bottom and stroke applying slight pressure.
  • 4. For baby's breath, use cotton swab; pull off excess cotton and roll torn ends closed. Dab cotton swab perpendicularly into Lt. Pearl, press on palette paper, then press onto surface several times creating clusters; redress cotton swab as needed to make clusters allowing some to be opaque and others transparent.
  • Step 5
  • 1. (Note: For ease in painting, "hang" shade from extender bottle.) Dab stylus perpendicularly into True Gold; randomly dab onto surface three to four times making large to small dots. Use same color to line top rim again and bottom rim for solid coverage. Force dry and cool.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply equal mix of Glazing Medium and water over entire surface. Force dry and cool. Follow manufacturer's directions to apply two coats varnish.