Dye-Painted Boo Décor

By  Barbara Warholic  for  Rit Dye

size: 18"x12"

  • Dye-Painted Boo Décor


  • Scrap lumber, 6”-wide, three
  • Thin wooden strips, 1-1/2”x15”, two
  • Wooden alphabet letters, 6”: B, O, O
  • Purchased wooden shapes: ghost, 3”; pumpkin, 1/2”
  • Purchased black spider web and spider
  • Halloween print ribbon, 12” length
  • Brads, 3/4”, 15
  • Black wire, 28-gauge, 36” length
  • Eye screws, two


  • Rit Liquid Dyes: Tangerine, Sunshine Orange, Black
  • Saw, hammer, and drill
  • Wire cutters
  • Wood glue

Basic Supplies

  • foam paintbrush, plastic tablecloth, plastic gloves, small container, plastic spoon, measuring cups and spoons, newspaper (to cover work surface), scissors, ruler
  • 1. Cut scrap lumber into 6"-wide pieces, varying heights by 8", 10", and 12".
  • 2. Position pieces of wood side-by-side on work surface. Using hammer and brads, tack two wooden strips across top and bottom of wooden pieces, securing together.
  • 3. Cover work surface with plastic tablecloth. Wearing plastic gloves, mix 1 cup very hot water (at least 140ºF) in small container with 1 Tbsp. Tangerine dye and 1 Tbsp. Sunshine Orange dye. Stir well using plastic spoon.
  • 4. Dye-paint wooden plaque using foam paintbrush by applying dye mixture following grain of wood. Set aside to dry on newspaper. Turn plaque over; dye-paint back and edges of plaque. Let dry completely. Discard leftover dye; rinse container.
  • 5. Follow Step 3 to create dye bath using Black dye. Dye-paint wooden letters Black. Let dry completely.
  • 6. Use brads and hammer to tack "B O O" on front of wooden plaque. Use brads and hammer to tack ghost on top edge of plaque and spider with web on side of plaque. Adhere pumpkin on bottom of ghost using wood glue.
  • 7. Drill holes on top outer corners of plaque; insert and screw eye screws into holes.
  • 8. Measure and cut 36" wire length. Insert ends through eye screws and twist to secure; trim ends using wire cutters. Tie ribbon bow around hanger; trim ends.