Dog'on Cute!

By  Susan Kelley 

  • Dog'on Cute!
  • Banana Peanut Dog Birthday Cake


  • Pink dog sweatshirt
  • Pink ladies T-shirt in appropriate size


  • DecoArt SoSoft Fabric Acrylics: Baby Blue Deep, Baby Pink Deep, Bright Pink, Hauser Light Green, Lamp Black, Primary Yellow, Ultra White
  • Brushes: Daler-Rowney Robert Simmons Expression: Flat Shader, Series E60, #4, #14; Liner, Series E51, #18/0; Pointed Round, Series E85, #3
  • DecoArt SoSoft Transparent Medium
  • Smooth cardboard

Basic Supplies

  • paper towels, straight pins or tape, well-worn dark graphite, newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Dog'on Cute!

  • Preparation
  • 1. Wash and dry fabrics as directed on label; do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets. Press with iron if needed. Cut cardboard to fit inside shirts; cardboard should fit snuggly and fabric should be taught without stretching. Use wax paper or plastic wrap to cover cardboard. Slide cardboard inside shirt. Wrap shirt edges around to back and tape in place.
  • 2. Print out patterns. Be sure design is centered and straight on shirts; tape or pin top corners to secure pattern to shirt. Transfer basic details. Remove pattern and pins.
  • 3. Use #14 flat shader to base background Ultra White painting just over edge of transfer line; apply pressure on bristles to ensure paint is pushed well into fabric. Let dry and apply second coat. Apply third coat if needed for solid coverage.
  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. Use well-worn dark graphite. If you use new graphite, make sure to wipe off excess graphite with paper towel before beginning, so it does not leave smudges when placed on top of fabric. Graphite will be nearly impossible to remove, so be careful when transferring pattern.
  • Painting Instructions
  • 1. Note: Paint designs on both shirts in same manner.
  • Design
  • 1. Transfer details omitting flowers that are on letters at this time. Use #4 flat shader and round brush to paint design. (Note: When using round brush for smaller areas, load with paint then press down slightly on bristles to get flatter edge to avoid ridges.)
  • 2. Use equal mix of Bright Pink + Baby Pink Deep to paint letters, apostrophe, flower centers, and exclamation. For yellow petals, use equal mix of Ultra White + Primary Yellow, and for blue flower petals, paint Baby Blue Deep.
  • 3. Paint leaves and stems Hauser Lt. Green. Touch up flower centers if needed.
  • 4. Use Ultra White to dot letters, apostrophe, flower centers, and exclamation; use larger end of stylus for letters, apostrophe, and exclamation, and smaller end for flower centers.
  • 5. Add flowers on lettering in same manner as above.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Use equal mix of Ultra White + Lamp Black for gray mix. Mix Transparent Medium + gray mix (2:1); add more medium if needed for very thin mix. Use 18/0 liner and thinned gray mix to outline background and all elements of design.
  • 2. Allow paint to cure. Follow manufacturer's directions to wash shirts.