Baby's First Ornament

By  Christy Hartman 

  • Baby's First Ornament


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Baby Blue, Boysenberry Pink, Bubblegum Pink, Dioxazine Purple, Gingerbread, Honey Brown, Lamp (Ebony) Black, Moon Yellow, Sapphire, Snow (Titanium) White
  • Brushes: Dynasty Black Gold, Series 206: Angular, 1/4”, 1/2”; Script Liner, #20/0; Round, #2, #3, #6; Wave Filbert, #4, #8; Deerfoot, 1/8”; One Stroke, 1/2”
  • DecoArt: Americana Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Matte; No-Prep Metal Paint, White
  • Cupboard Distributing Cheek Chalk, Ruddy Red


  • Black Micron Permanent Marker, .01
  • Tin Primitive Star Cookie Cutter Ornaments

Pattern - Baby's First Ornament

  • Preparation
  • 1. Wash tin ornaments in warm soapy water. Dry thoroughly. Sand lightly with fine-grit sand paper. Apply No-Prep paint to each side of ornaments. Base background and entire back of ornaments Baby Blue.
  • 2. Print out patterns; transfer basic details.
  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. Use brush that best fits area unless otherwise specified. Use 1/4" or 1/2" angle brush to float shading and highlighting.
  • Background
  • 1. Base stars Moon Yellow. Highlight Snow White and shade Honey Brown; deepen with Gingerbread. Shade Sapphire around stars and along left side of each ray line and deepen with Dioxazine Purple; highlight Snow White along opposite side. Use #8 wave filbert and thinned Moon Yellow to wash sparkle highlight rays from edges of stars out. Over-stroke with wash of Snow White and #4 wave filbert.
  • Large Stars
  • 1. Base Moon Yellow. Load Snow White halfway up #4 wave filbert; wipe on paper towel to test consistency and wipe over outside star ridge. Transfer pattern. Highlight star Snow White; shade Honey Brown and deepen with Gingergread. Use Honey Brown to shade around small stars, under mouth, beside eyes, over top of cheek lines, under eyebrows, and nose. Dip dot Gingerbread freckles above nose. Use script liner and Snow White to highlight above brows and mouth, and under nose.
  • 2. For boy, base small blue star Baby Blue and for girl, base small pink stars Bubblegum Pink; stipple centers Snow White. Use script liner and Snow White to line highlights along edges, then line shading on pink stars Boysenberry Pink and on blue star Sapphire.
  • 3. Base whites of eyes Snow White and pupils Lamp Black; dot Snow White highlight shines on pupils. Float Snow White highlight on one side of each eye. Use deerfoot to chalk cheeks in a circular motion and to add blush above nose. Lightly highlight Snow White along top of cheeks. Use marker to line facial detailing.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply several sealer coats. For hangers, use 1/2"-wide torn fabric strips or ribbon of choice.