Thankful Turkey - I'm Thankful For

By  Sandy Rollinger 

size: 12"

  • I'm Thankful For


  • Recycled cereal box
  • Craft foam: tan, orange, brown, lt. green, dk. green, red, yellow, purple, gray, black
  • Wooden skewers (for each feather)
  • Plaid FolkArt Extreme Glitter: Gold, Silver, Purple
  • Brown acrylic paint
  • Wiggle eyes, two
  • Uncooked rice or sand (to weight box)


  • Aleene’s Original Tacky Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Paintbrush
  • Black marker
  • Clothespins
  • Newspaper (to cover work surface)

Pattern - Thankful Turkey - I'm Thankful For

  • 1. Print and cut out patterns. Cut turkey body pattern from cereal box. Use scissors to trim edges.
  • 2. On covered work surface, paint box brown. Let dry. Use paintbrush to apply Silver glitter on hat and Gold glitter on body, feet, wings, beak, and feathers. Apply Purple and Gold glitter on feathers.
  • 3. Measure and cut 2-1/2"x3" lt. green craft foam rectangle and 3"x4" dk. green craft foam rectangle. Use black marker to write "I'M THANKFUL FOR" on center of lt. green rectangle. Glue lt. green rectangle on dk. green rectangle.
  • 4. Use black marker to draw details on turkey and lines on feathers. Write something you are thankful for on each feather.
  • 5. Glue turkey on front of box. Glue hat band on hat and hat on turkey's head. Glue eyes, beak, and wattle on face. Glue sign on front of box. Let dry. Glue feet and wings on box. Use clothespins to hold in place while drying.
  • 6. Glue wooden skewer on back of each feather. Insert feathers in box. Weight box with rice or sand.