Sweet Valentine Gift Bag

By  Cindy Mann Vitale 

  • Sweet Valentine Gift Bag
  • Closeup of Heart
  • Mississippi Mud Cake
  • Mississippi Mud Cake Recipe


  • DecoArt Americana Acrylics: Alizarin Crimson, Bahama Blue, Blue Haze Light, Bubblegum Pink, Burnt Sienna, Cranberry Wine, Country Blue, Green Tea, Grape Juice, Hauser Dark Green, Lemonade, Moon Yellow, Plantation Pine, Poodleskirt Pink, Red Violet, Royal Fuchsia, Spa Blue, Soft Lilac, Warm White
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel Aqualon: Shader, Series 2150, #4, #8; Round, Series 2250, #1, #3, #5; Liner, Series R2595, #1; Glaze Wash, Series R2700, 1"
  • Folk Art Tin Puffed Heart Ornament (FT-2076, 2-1/2"x5") from Della and Company
  • Unfinished wooden spring clothespin (1/4" w x3-1/4" l) available through Factory Direct
  • Watercolor paper, 140 lb. cold press, 4"x7-1/2"
  • DecoArt: Americana Acrylic Multi-Purpose Sealer; DuraClear Varnish, Matte; Americana Acrylic Sealer/Finisher, Matte
  • Gray auto primer
  • Gift bag of choice
  • Coordinating ribbons
  • Optional: Lace of choice, 24"

Pattern - Sweet Valentine Gift Bag

  • Preparation
  • 1. Wash and dry ornament thoroughly. Wipe surface with equal vinegar/water mix; rinse and allow to dry 24 hours. Use medium grit sand paper to lightly sand ornament providing "tooth"; wipe dust. Apply primer. Use mix of multi-purpose sealer and Spa Blue (3:1) to undercoat ornament; base two coats pure Spa Blue. Slip-slap Spa Blue in center area then Bahama Blue along outer edges blending areas.
  • 2. Print out patterns; transfer basic pattern lines onto ornament only. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • Artist's Tips
  • 1. Shading is applied with damp round brush; use appropriate size brush for area. Shading mix is approximately 50% water/50% paint. Dip tip of brush into mix tapping off onto damp paper towel; do not completely fill bristles with mix. Apply brush to surface positioning brush so as much of bristle area as possible is resting on surface; gently press down to splay out bristles allowing bristles to move mix around in a mopping motion and to distribute mix evenly for soft result. Avoid holding brush upright. First application may result in a mottled appearance, but second application will even out overall effect. Three or more mix applications may be needed to build up right shading intensity.
  • Tin
  • 1. Use Warm White to base all leaves and flowers.
  • 2. Rose: Shade with light Bubblegum Pink application defining rose base and outside edges. Add light Alizarin Crimson application to intensify, then use small amount of Cranberry Wine to deepen interior areas of rose base and petals. (Note: Be sure to leave center areas of rose and tips of petals light for contrast.) Line stamen Moon Yellow; dot ends. Repeat with light Burnt Sienna application. For leaves, overcoat Green Tea; shade Plantation Pine. Use thinned Plantation Pine to add veining.
  • 3. Pink Flowers: Shade Royal Fuchsia; shade again with Red Violet making sure to keep petal edges light for contrast. Base flower center Moon Yellow; use Burnt Sienna to shade and to add swirl design. Use Burnt Sienna to shade and paint on swirled design. Add Grape Juice dots around outer edges of flower center.
  • 4. Purple Flowers: Shade Soft Lilac; shade again with Grape Juice making sure to keep petals edges light for contrast. Paint Grape Juice veining. Use Lemonade to base balls at base of flower, stem, and leaves. Shade Hauser Dk. Green; add leaf veining.
  • 5. Background Dots: Randomly dot Warm White; float wash of Bahama Blue over dots around edges to soften.
  • Clothespin
  • 1. Base entire surface Poodleskirt Pink. Transfer large dots onto each side of clothespin. Use Warm White to paint dots and tops of clothespin. Use Royal Fuchsia to shade along edges and to paint side edges. Use liner to dot Moon Yellow in center of white dots; add Spa Blue dots around center and tiny Country Blue slashes around outer edges of white dots. For tops of clothespins, add Royal Fuchsia horizontal and vertical stripes, then add Spa Blue dots between horizontal stripes.
  • Glove Gift Tag
  • 1. Transfer glove, finger lines, and checkerboard edge onto watercolor paper. Use Warm White to base entire glove, omitting checkerboard area. Base aqua checks Spa Blue and shade Blue Haze Lt.; base lavender checks Soft Lilac and shade Grape Juice. Use thinned mix of Country Blue + Soft Lilac (1:1) to shade outer edges of glove, and along checked border; shade to define fingers. Base lettering Soft Lilac; shade over some with Country Blue. Add Country Blue dots to edging.
  • 2. Base flower petals Bubblegum Pink; shade Royal Fuchsia making sure to keep petal edges light for contrast. Base flower center Moon Yellow; shade Burnt Sienna. Add tiny Grape Juice dots around outer edges of flower center.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply varnish to clothespin. Spray two to three coats sealer on ornament. Cut out glove; apply light sealer application.
  • 2. For optional lace trim, place lace on wax paper and apply heavy varnish application on both sides to stiffen. Lay flat to dry. Glue lace to inside top edge of bag.
  • 3. Cut a 12" length from ribbon; fold in center and glue center to back top of glove. Let dry. Tie ends together in a knot and use clothespin to clip ribbon to bag handle.
  • 4. Cut a 20" length from ribbon; thread through ornament hanger and tie ribbon in a bow to bottom of bag handle.
  • Tip
  • 1. Fill gift bag with "Mississippi Mud Cake in a Jar" along with the marshmallows and pecans; if desired, include recipe instructions on back of glove gift tag or on separate recipe card.