Save a Tree T-shirt Tote & Tank

By  Cheryl Ball  for  Duncan Enterprises

  • Save a Tree T-shirt Tote & Tank


  • White cotton t-shirts, two
  • Tulip One-Step Fashion Dyes: Brown
  • Tulip Cool Color Spray for Fabric: Clover Green
  • Tulip Sticky Fabric Stencils: ABC’s Alphabet, Edgy
  • Liquid cleaner with bleach
  • Plastic wrap or cardboard scrap


  • Scissors
  • Measuring tape or ruler
  • Paintbrush
  • Plastic trash bag
  • Black pen
  • Iron
  • Newspaper (to cover work surface)
  • 1. To dye t-shirt, dampen shirt in washer. Position plastic trash bag flat on work surface. Position damp shirt flat and crumple design. Wearing gloves, follow manufacturer's instructions to mix dye in bottle. Squeeze Brown on shirt. Let set 4 to 6 hours. Machine wash and dry.
  • 2. For tank top, cut sleeves and neck area. For bag, fold shirt in half lengthwise. Cut curve from shoulder to center of shirt. Open shirt and position side seams together, creating tote. From leftover t-shirt scraps, cut 1"x5" strips. Cut 1-1/2" slits along bottom edge of tote. Tie strips around fringe; knot to secure.
  • 3. Insert cardboard scrap or plastic wrap between layers of fabric. For tree design, use paintbrush to paint trunk using liquid cleaner. For "Save A Tree" lettering, use alphabet stencils and liquid cleaner to brush saying on fabric. Let set for 15 minutes.
  • 4. For tree leaves, position Edgy flame stencils on fabric and paint using liquid cleaner. Reposition stencils for multiple leaves. Let set for 15 minutes.
  • 5. Machine wash and dry fabric.
  • 6. On covered work surface, spray leaves Clover Green. Let dry.
  • Note
  • 1. Adults, help kids when using dyes.