Irish Santa

By  Linda Hollander 

  • Irish Santa


  • Plaid: FolkArt Acrylics: Barn Wood, Green, Licorice, Linen, Mushroom, Red Velvet, Shamrock; FolkArt Artist's Pigments: Raw Sienna, Warm White
  • Brushes: Royal & Langnickel: Royal Fusion: Round, Series R3250, #1, #3; Aqualon: Shader, Series R2150, #2, #4, #12; Angular, Series R2160, 1/4", 3/8"; Liner, Series R2595, #10/0
  • Tall Santa Puffy Ornament (#JMPCBTV2-10) from Cabin Crafters
  • Plaid FolkArt: Sanding Sealer; Lacquer Finish
  • Optional: White plastic coated thin craft wire, 12" length

Pattern - Irish Santa

  • Preparation
  • 1. For hanger, drill small hole through top of hat. Apply Sanding Sealer over ornament. Sand lightly if needed. Base entire ornament Barn Wood.
  • 2. Print out pattern; transfer basic pattern lines. (Transfer details as needed.)
  • Painting Instructions
  • 1. Note: Use appropriate size brush to paint areas unless otherwise directed.
  • Coat
  • 1. Base green coat area Shamrock; use mix of Shamrock + tch. of Licorice to shade coat under beard, under sleeves, and above bottom trim. Use mix of Green + tch. of Warm White to highlight along bottom of sleeves and along each side of center of coat.
  • Face
  • 1. Use sheer Raw Sienna to shade around outer face edges. Paint eyes Shamrock; add Warm White highlight dots. Paint nose line Mushroom; deepen with a touch of Raw Sienna. Use mix of Red Velvet + Mushroom (1:1) to dry brush cheeks. Use #3 round and Warm White to dry brush beard leaving edges wispy and loose; use liner to add curls here and there. Use same paint color and #1 round to paint mustache and eyebrows. Use sheer Raw Sienna to shade under hatband, and under eyebrows and mustache.
  • Hat and Coat Details
  • 1. Use Linen to base hat band, sleeve cuffs, and coat trim; shade each Mushroom and use sheer Raw Sienna to enhance shading. Highlight Warm White along top edges of hat band and coat trim; use #3 round to dry brush highlights on cuffs.
  • 2. Use #1 round and Shamrock to base shamrocks on hat band and coat trim; use liner to paint stems. Use dirty brush and touch of Green to dry brush highlights; repeat using Green plus touch of Warm White. Use liner and Mushroom to base coat closures; dry brush touch of Warm White highlights. Paint buttons Green; dot centers Licorice.
  • 3. Using pattern as guide to paint hat cone; use #2 shader and Shamrock to paint vertical stripes and use Green to paint horizontal stripes. Use liner to paint Warm White vertical pinstripes and use Green to paint horizontal pinstripes. Use stylus to dot Warm White where stripes intersect.
  • 4. Use liner to base staff Mushroom; wash sheer Raw Sienna over top. Shade a touch of Raw Sienna on staff above and below cuffs. Dry brush a touch of Warm White highlights. Use thinned Licorice and fine line to loosely outline staff edges.
  • Finishing
  • 1. Apply lacquer over entire ornament. For hanger, thread one end of wire through hole from back to front; curl 2" end tightly around paintbrush handle. Bend remaining wire length into hook shape and curl other end in same manner.